20 Best Tapas Spots in the Gothic Quarter, Barcelona (2024)

two friends enjoying the best tapas in the Gothic Quarter, Barcelona, Spain
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The Gothic Quarter of Barcelona isn’t just a historical treasure – it’s also a hotspot for some of the best tapas in the city. Wander through its ancient, winding streets, and you’ll find a plethora of tapas bars, each offering a unique taste of local cuisine.

Given that I live in Spain and have spent many hours exploring Barcelona, especially the Gothic Quarter, I’ve discovered that the tapas here are more than just food – they’re a cultural experience.

But with so many options, how do you choose where to indulge in these delicious small plates? Stay with me, as I guide you through the spots with the best tapas in the Gothic Quarter – places where the atmosphere is as good as the flavors.

(And, of course, you can always do one of Barcelona’s great tapas tours if you’re here visiting. For me, it’s the ideal way to see – and taste – the best of what the city’s tapas scene has to offer in a short amount of time!)

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Tapas Walking Tour with Food, Wine and History

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✅ Savor a variety of local wines, including cava and vermouth, at local spots

✅ Leave with a deeper appreciation of Barcelona’s culinary heritage and experience its culture and flavors

people enjoying a night out at one of the best tapas restaurants in Barcelona

Tapas and Wine Small Group Walking Tour

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✅ Enjoy an insider’s look at Barcelona’s food scene at some of the city’s best tapas spots

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person enjoying a night out at one of Barcelona's best tapas restaurants

Barcelona Tapas, Taverns and History Tour

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✅ Zigzag through the Gothic Quarter, soaking up stories of ancient times and hidden secrets, paired with local wines and cava

✅ Cap off your night with a tapas extravaganza, enjoying the simple yet sensational flavors of Spain

Best tapas in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter

1. Bar La Plata

📍 LOCATION: Carrer Mercè, 28

When it comes to tapas, there’s nothing better than a tiny, authentic Spanish bar and Bar La Plata in the heart of Barcelona is exactly that. It’s a culinary time machine, having opened its doors in 1945 and still serving the same few tasty tapas dishes today. 

Think simplicity and excellence at this quintessential Barcelona tapas restaurant with fried fish, tomato bread with anchovies, Catalan sausage, butifarra, and a refreshing salad of tomato, onion, and olives.

This spot consistently makes the “Best Tapas in Barcelona” lists and it’s no surprise why. Their 6-item tapa list and a wide selection of beverages create a friendly, vibrant atmosphere, attracting both locals and travelers. 

Their famed fried sardines – so tender you can eat the whole thing – are a must-try, not to mention their incredible pork sausage pintxo.

And if you’re feeling adventurous, why not order a “porró” of wine and ask them how to use it? Perhaps don’t wear a white shirt that day though…

Just make sure to plan your Sunday tapas fix somewhere else, as La Plata takes a well-deserved break that day!

2. Can Culleretes

📍 LOCATION: Carrer d’en Quintana, 5

Can Culleretes is a restaurant that holds the illustrious title of the oldest in Barcelona. As you step through their doors, you’re instantly transported back to 1786, the year it was founded. 

You’ll find yourself dining in the company of illustrious personalities who have dined here, their pictures gracing the walls around you.

And if you’re an enthusiast of traditional Catalan cuisine, you’re in luck! Can Culleretes offers a delicious menu del dia with dishes impeccably paired with fantastic wines. 

two friends enjoying the best tapas in the Gothic Quarter, Barcelona, Spain

In fact, when you’re here, it’s like stepping into a local Catalan’s home. They serve up classics like the typical paella and adventurous delicacies like wild boar stew or Catalan-style roasted suckling pig. 

I gotta say though, their standout dish? The melt-in-your-mouth cod croquettes. 

Open mainly for lunch and for dinner on Fridays and Saturdays, it’s a gastronomic trip down memory lane that you just can’t miss. Keep in mind that this place gets busy, so snag a reservation before heading over!

3. Els 4Gats

📍 LOCATION: Carrer de Montsió, 3

Els 4Gats is an iconic tapas bar found in the Gothic Quarter. This place is a time capsule that transports you to Barcelona’s modernist era, having opened in 1897. 

With stellar tapas like jamón ibérico and patatas bravas, you can dine just like Antoni Gaudí, Santiago Rusiñol, and even Pablo Picasso did right here!

At Els 4Gats, you’re not just eating, you’re taking part in a long-standing tradition of Barcelona’s artistic scene. Indulging in delicacies like grilled octopus and slow-cooked beef cheeks, each bite is a homage to the city’s gastronomic heritage.

As you sip wine and munch on traditional Catalan desserts, you can almost hear the echo of Picasso’s passionate discussions about art. The fusion of history, culture, and culinary excellence is what sets Els 4Gats apart – it’s not just a meal, it’s a must-have experience!

4. Bar del Pi

📍 LOCATION: Pl. Sant Josep Oriol, 1

Next, why not saunter over to Bar del Pi, an authentic Spanish bar situated in the heart of the Gothic Quarter. Despite being surrounded by tourist hotspots, Bar del Pi has faithfully retained its character and charm. 

Known for its high-quality tapas and fair prices, this bar’s jamón and bombas are a hit among locals and travelers alike. After all, Bar del Pi isn’t just any tapas bar – it’s a piece of Barcelona’s history. 

The Patatas bravas of Bar del Pi. One of the best Tapas in the Gothic Quarter Barcelona.

Founded by the Martí Pujol family in 1927, it’s played host to renowned artists, intellectuals, and politicians from the city. Its modernist façade, graffiti glass poster, and bohemian, artistic ambiance make it an emblematic spot in the city.

You can enjoy the lively ambiance of the bar indoors or enjoy the vibrant sights of the Plaza del Pi from their summer terrace. Led by Eloi Martí, Bar del Pi invites you to relax, people-watch, and revel in the rich heritage of Barcelona. 

5. Gilda by Belgious

📍 LOCATION: Carrer Ample, 34

Gilda by Belgious, offers a unique blend of traditional tapas and Belgian cuisine. This moody, romantically lit restaurant, situated in the heart of the Gothic Quarter, is an excellent spot for a date or a casual dinner.

At Gilda, you’ll be met with charming artwork, Polaroid keepsakes, top-notch cocktails, and stellar customer service. It’s not just the ambiance that sets Gilda apart, but its gastronomic fusion of Mediterranean and Belgian cuisine.

Gilda surprises its guests with dishes like beef stewed in Leffe Belgian beer, served with authentic Belgian fries. And if that wasn’t enough, they innovate further by including gourmet ice cream in some of their most popular dishes! 

Not just a restaurant, Gilda turns into a cocktail haven at night, making it the perfect place for both food and fun!

6. Pla B

📍 LOCATION: Carrer de la Mercè, 27

Pla B is a local favorite that serves up traditional Catalan cuisine. Known for its incredible tapas, including the famous Escalivada and Octopus Carpaccio, Pla B is a place where every dish is an adventure.

You can’t leave without trying their desserts. Trust me, you’ll thank me after tasting their Crème Catalana or Xocolata amb Xocolata. 

And with a daily menu del dia and open seven days a week, you’ll find it hard not to come back!

Located in a quaint street in the Gothic Quarter, Pla B exudes an intimate and cozy ambiance. The menu brings a modern twist to traditional Catalan cuisine with an Asian influence, creating a unique gastronomic experience. 

Whether it’s a romantic dinner or a casual meal with friends, Pla B’s fantastic food and inviting ambiance make it a memorable spot for any foodie.

7. Ocaña

📍 LOCATION: Plaça Reial, 13-15

Step into a world of creativity and passion at Ocaña, a tribute to the colorful life of artist and activist José Pérez Ocaña. From the vibrant interior to the eclectic crowd it attracts, Ocaña is an embodiment of Barcelona’s cultural richness. 

From “Seasonal Delicatessen” to “Ocaña Tapas” and “Sweets and Sexy,” the menu at Ocaña is a feast for the senses. The tapas, wines, and desserts can be enjoyed inside the stylishly decorated restaurant or on the terrace overlooking the bustling Plaça Reial. 

Summer tapas table with bitterballen in focus, and wine, olives and radishes in Ocaña. One of the best Tapas in the Gothic Quarter Barcelona.

Plus the live Chicago-style music adds another dimension to the dining experience! 

Visit Ocaña and immerse yourself in a piece of authentic Barcelona, a corner that’s not just for tourists but a testament to the city’s transgressive modern spirit.

8. Gourmet Tapas by Sensi

📍 LOCATION: Carrer de Milans, 4

Tucked away off the famous Carrer d’Avinyó, Gourmet Tapas Bar by Sensi is a food lover’s paradise. This intimate restaurant marries Spanish tapas with a French twist, resulting in a menu of unique, delectable plates. 

Friendly staff, impeccable service, and scrumptious desserts make every visit a delight. Of course, though, the food is why we’re here and at Gourmet Sensi, you’ll embark on a real tapas and platillos experience. 

The modern, vibrant atmosphere is the perfect setting to enjoy their innovative tapas. Their evolving wine menu, including organic and biodynamic offerings, along with signature cocktails like the spicy rock margarita, are the perfect accompaniment. 

Make sure to reserve a table in advance and enjoy a truly incredible dining experience!

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9. Bodega Biarritz 1881 Tapas Bar

📍 LOCATION: Carrer Nou de Sant Francesc, 7

Bodega Biarritz 1881 is a must-visit spot for tapas lovers. Their surprise set menus offer a delightful variety of tapas, allowing guests to taste a wide range of dishes at different price points.

Don’t worry though: If a certain tapa isn’t to your liking, they’re more than happy to switch it out, making it an excellent option for a varied selection.

The cozy, welcoming atmosphere complements the high-quality menu of traditional Spanish tapas and small dishes. You’ll definitely enjoy the authenticity and quality of Spanish cuisine at Bodega Biarritz 1881 – the perfect spot for an intimate dinner.

10. La Alcoba Azul

📍 LOCATION: Carrer de Salomó ben Adret, 14

Venture into the narrow, winding streets of the Gothic Quarter, and you’ll find the medieval-inspired La Alcoba Azul. Antique chandeliers, candlelight, and ancient walls contribute to its enchanting atmosphere, while the music, original tapas, and excellent wines make it a sensory delight.

The food at La Alcoba Azul is as unique as its décor. Their signature tostas come in 10 variations, catering to a range of palates. 

Try the fresca topped with blue cheese, or the roast lamb with eggplant hummus, spinach, and tzatziki. The Iberian ham with tomato jam and curry cheese is another can’t-miss dish at this Gothic Quarter tapas hotspot.

Arrangement of Various Spanish Snacks with Hamon, Goat Cheese, Rosemary Bread Sticks, Green Olives, Fruits and Vegetables in La Alcoba Azul. One of the best Tapas in the Gothic Quarter Barcelona.

11. La Fonda

📍 LOCATION: Carrer dels Escudellers, 10

For a foodie’s trip to Barcelona, La Fonda is an unmissable destination. This local favorite greets guests with an elegant ambiance, delectable food, and surprisingly affordable prices. 

The daily menu del dia deals are a bargain, and the traditional tapas offer a unique twist, incorporating international flavors for a gastronomic adventure.

You’ll get the chance to relish Italian-inspired tapas in this exquisite location! And given it’s open all the way through from 1 pm to 11 pm, La Fonda is one of the few places that cater to mid-afternoon cravings. 

12. L’ Antic Bocoi del Gotic

📍 LOCATION: Baixada de Viladecols, 3

At L’Antic Bocoi del Gotic, the charm of the Gothic Quarter is embodied in a culinary experience. This restaurant, adored by locals and visitors alike, offers a glimpse into Catalonia’s culinary heritage. 

The exposed brick interior and ambient lighting create a warm and inviting environment to savor traditional Catalan fare.

The standout dish is their Coca, a divine flatbread pizza that outshines everything else on the menu. That said, the garlic cod fish and fresh bread come a close second, being a testament to the quality of their ingredients. 

Healthy Vegetarian Tapas in Rasoterra. One of the best Tapas in the Gothic Quarter Barcelona.

In fact, beyond the regular tapas dishes, their offerings stay true to local flavors and cooking methods.

L’Antic Bocoi del Gotic takes you back in time, offering not just food but a rich cultural experience. The welcoming staff, cozy atmosphere, and mouth-watering homemade desserts make it a must-visit spot on your Barcelona food tour.

13. Rasoterra

📍 LOCATION: Carrer de Palau, 5

A beacon of vegetarian delights, Rasoterra is the place to be for those seeking vegetarian tapas in the heart of the Gothic Quarter. Their menu boasts not only delicious but also gluten-free and vegan options crafted from locally-sourced, organic ingredients. 

Despite being tucked away in an alley, Rasoterra creates a welcoming atmosphere that extends to its wholesome menu. Relish an assortment of nutritious soups, main courses, and a variety of tapas that keep the local and tourist patrons coming back for more.

One standout dish, the egg cassolettes, is a crowd-pleaser that’ll have you making return visits. Whether you’re vegetarian or simply in search of a healthy culinary experience, Rasoterra should soon become your go-to spot.

14. Brugarol Barcelona

📍 LOCATION: Carrer de Salomó ben Adret, 10

Dive into the intriguing blend of Japanese-inspired tapas and contemporary dining at Brugarol Barcelona, an intimate restaurant seating just 21. Enjoy a stunning 9-tapas tasting menu for 60 euros, showcasing unique delicacies like truffle flan, tuna tartare wonton, and caramel with miso mousse.

Open for lunch on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays and for dinner every day, make sure you book your reservation online to secure this memorable culinary experience. 

The restaurant’s weekly changing menu guarantees the freshness of all its organic products, offering some of the best contemporary tapas in the city.

15. Bodega La Palma

📍 LOCATION: Carrer de la Palma de Sant Just, 7

Bodega La Palma is a hidden gem tucked away in a cozy corner and renowned for its impressive wine selection and traditional tapas. More than just a wine bar, this place offers a full culinary experience with each visit, bringing something unique and delightful to the table.

The pairing of local cheese with regional wines beautifully showcases the best flavors of the region. Easy to miss but hard to forget, Bodega La Palma has become a go-to spot for a fun-filled evening with friends. 

Its charming setting in the alleys south of the Cathedral makes it all the more worth the visit.

Delicious Tapas in Antic Tapas Ferran. One of the best Tapas in the Gothic Quarter Barcelona.

16. Antic Tapas Ferran

📍 LOCATION: Carrer de Ferran, 59

Minutes away from the Cathedral, Antic Tapas Ferran offers a warm and welcoming ambiance, perfect for indulging in Barcelona’s culinary delights after a day of sightseeing. Open from 10 am until midnight daily, it’s an escape from the traditional afternoon closures observed by many restaurants.

Specializing in paella, Antic also boasts an extensive tapas menu that doesn’t disappoint. Located between La Rambla and Plaça Sant Jaume, this classic, elegant spot offers quality tapas throughout the day at reasonable prices. 

With a bar area and two comfortable dining rooms, it’s also an ideal location for groups.

17. Colom Restaurant

📍 LOCATION: Carrer dels Escudellers, 33

Colom Restaurant is a local gem, repeatedly making the list of Barcelona’s best tapas venues. With its unpretentious vibes and dedication to traditional Spanish gastronomy, this restaurant offers a broad selection of authentic tapas, flavorful paellas, and mouth-watering fideua.

Try Spanish classics like the omelet, codfish balls, or bombas – a traditional potato and meat dish. Located near Barceloneta Beach, it’s a great spot to soak in the essence of Spanish cuisine after a fun beach day. 

18. La Pineda

📍 LOCATION: Carrer del Pi, 16

Situated close to La Rambla, you’ll find a delightful grocery shop and tapas bar aptly named La Pineda – the Pine Groove. It’s an excellent place for an ‘aperitivo’ or ‘vermut’ before lunch. 

From olives and cheeses preserved in olive oil to canned seafood, Spanish ham, and anchovies, you’ll find something to sate your appetite.

La Pineda is a beloved gathering spot for the locals, who won’t hesitate to free up a table for you to enjoy your meal. Sandwiched between modern clothing stores and almost touching Portaferrissa, La Pineda has a different charm, reminiscent of a bygone era. 

Step inside, and you’ll be taken on a nostalgic journey to the past while relishing their offerings right on the spot. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, La Pineda is a great culinary trip you won’t want to miss.

19. Viana Barcelona

📍 LOCATION: Carrer del Vidre, 7

At Viana Barcelona, the contest between what’s better – the food or their cocktails – is a tough one. This chic restaurant nestled in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, just a stone’s throw away from George Orwell Square, brings some of the best offerings of both worlds to the table.

Featuring a broad variety of Mediterranean dishes, Viana’s small plates and tasting menus are sure to tantalize your taste buds. With helpful staff eager to offer recommendations, this modern yet cozy restaurant ensures a pleasant dining experience at a reasonable price. 

It’s open daily for dinner, and lunch is available on weekends, so don’t miss out on this one.

Crispy breaded fried tapas with a tomato dipping sauce in Viana Barcelona. One of the best Tapas in the Gothic Quarter Barcelona.

20. Vinateria del Call

📍 LOCATION: Carrer de Salomó Ben Adret, 9

If you fancy a blend of Sensi and Bodega La Palma vibes, Vinateria del Call in the heart of the Jewish Section is a must-visit. As the name suggests, this ‘Wine Bar of the Jewish Section’ is a delightful destination for all wine lovers. 

With over 40 years of history, Vinateria del Call is one of the city’s oldest wineries. Hidden among the narrow streets of the old neighborhood of Call, in the Gothic Quarter, it offers a warm atmosphere with dim lighting, dark wood furniture, stone walls, and vintage bottles that transport you back to medieval times.

But it’s not just about the wine – we’re here for the best tapas in the Gothic Quarter after all! And trust me, this place won’t disappoint.

It’s known for its traditional Spanish and Catalan cuisine, complemented by superior quality wines. Dedication to excellent local products, combined with high-quality wines, has established Vinateria del Call as a go-to spot for a classic gastronomic experience.

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