30 Best Tapas Restaurants in Barcelona (2024) – Must-Trys!

people eating at one of the best Barcelona tapas restaurants in Spain
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In Barcelona, tapas aren’t just a type of food – they’re a way of life. The city’s tapas restaurants offer an array of delicious bites that perfectly capture the essence of Spanish cuisine.

And living in Spain and having spent countless hours in Barcelona, I’ve had the chance to explore these tapas havens, each with its unique flavors and atmosphere.

But with so many tapas restaurants in Barcelona, how do you know which ones to visit (unless you choose to do one of these great tapas tours in Barcelona, of course)? Well, stick with me, as I take you through the city’s best tapas spots – where the food is as rich in history as it is in taste.

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people enjoying a night out at one of the best tapas restaurants in Barcelona

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Best Barcelona tapas restaurants

1. Bar del Pla

📍 LOCATION: Carrer de Montcada, 2, Barcelona 

💰 PRICE: €€

Let me tell you about a little place called Bar del Pla. When you ask locals about their favorite tapas bars, this gem often tops the list. 

The secret to their success? Well, it’s all about the friendly service, top-notch food, good vino, and that perfect relaxed atmosphere we all crave when exploring the culinary scene of a city.

Tucked away in a quaint square in El Born, Bar del Pla serves up some truly delicious dishes. Just thinking about their squid-ink croquettes or the mushroom carpaccio with wasabi vinaigrette is enough to make your mouth water. 

Tapas in Bar del Pla. One of the best Barcelona Tapas restaurants.

And let me tell you, their Secreto de Iberico (the “secret” filet of Iberico pork) is an absolute must-try!

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill tapas place. Each dish comes with a unique, refined twist, which makes the dining experience all the more special. 

With a menu that keeps changing with the seasons, you’re always in for a culinary surprise here. 

2. El Quim de la Boqueria

📍 LOCATION: Mercado de La Boqueria, La Rambla, 91, Barcelona 

💰 PRICE: €€

Time to step into the vibrant world of Barcelona’s emblematic La Boqueria market, home to El Quim. This place is a real foodie haven, sitting smack dab in the middle of one of Europe’s most iconic food markets. 

El Quim is like a magnet for local chefs and famished customers. The tapas here are simply incredible, and if you’re lucky, you might even catch Quim himself whipping up tasty dishes behind the counter. 

Delicious Spanish Tapas with Cured Ham Prosciutto, Slices of Paprika, Pepper, Toast and Olive Oil in El Quim de la Boqueria. One of the best Barcelona tapas restaurants.

When you’re there, do yourself a favor and try the house special – fried eggs with baby squid. Trust me, it’s out of this world.

This tapas bar has been wooing patrons since 1987, transforming from a modest 3-meter counter with just five seats to Barcelona’s premier spot for some top-notch tapas. 

And it’s not just locals who flock here, as chefs and tourists alike can’t resist El Quim’s allure. So, make sure you grab a seat and enjoy the show!

3. Bar La Plata

📍 LOCATION: Carrer Mercè, 28, Barcelona 


Dive right into the heart of authenticity with Bar La Plata, a tapas joint known for its warm atmosphere and honest prices. It’s a mingling pot of locals and tourists alike, all united in their shared love for good food, drinks, and plenty of laughter.

Bar La Plata boasts a traditional charm, flaunting a classic marble tapas counter that faces the bustling streets of the Old Town – it’s basically like finding incredible street food in Barcelona, minus the hipster van!

Serving refreshingly simple, yet delicious stand-up snacks (their anchovies are truly a revelation), and wine that’s delightfully affordable and poured straight from the barrel, this place is a must-visit for any tapas enthusiast.

Tapas Bruschetta with Bacon and Vegetables, Cured Ham and Pate with Spring Onion on Garlic Bread in Bar La Plata. One of the best Barcelona tapas restaurants.

The claim of being the last authentic tapas bar standing in the Gothic Quarter might seem grand, but Bar La Plata wears this title with pride and grace. It has remained virtually unchanged for over five decades, still serving the same four delectable tapas it started with back in 1945. 

And despite the rush on weekend nights, the lively atmosphere of this joint only amplifies the joy of sharing delicious tapas in good company. Honestly, it’s my pick for the best tapas in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter so if you’re around there, definitely try to swing by.

(Just don’t forget to pair your tapas with their excellent vermouth!)

4. Bar Mut

📍 LOCATION: Carrer de Pau Claris, 192, Barcelona 

💰 PRICE: €€€

Planning a morning visit to Gaudí’s Park Güell? Then Bar Mut should be your lunch stop on the way back. 

This upmarket gastronomic bar is redefining the tapas scene with dishes that go beyond the traditional croquettes and Iberian ham. If there’s one thing you need to try here, it’s their solomillo steak with foie gras.

With its cute bistro vibes, Bar Mut is perfect for a romantic lunch or dinner. The seafood-based tapas are the stars of their menu, but don’t miss out on their seasonal dishes. 

Tapas Bruschetta with Bacon, Vegetables, Cured Ham, Pate on Garlic Bread and Green Olives Snack in Bar Mut. One of the best Barcelona tapas restaurants.

And a little tip – book your table in advance as the place fills up fast, especially during the evening.

The best part about Bar Mut is its atmosphere. The tiny details, the cute little piano, and the French bistro feel to it all make for an unforgettable dining experience. 

And if you’re wondering about dessert, go for the yogurt ice cream with basil and tomato jam. It might sound a bit odd, but it’s out-of-this-world delicious!

5. El Xampanyet

📍 LOCATION: Carrer de Montcada, 22, Barcelona 

💰 PRICE: €€

Imagine stepping into an old-school bar, complete with blue-tiled walls, marble tables, and bustling with locals and tourists alike. Well, that’s El Xampanyet for you. 

Tucked away in the narrow streets of Barcelona’s El Born neighborhood, this place is the epitome of traditional Catalan charm.

Don’t be deceived by its touristy location. El Xampanyet continues to uphold its no-nonsense approach to food and drink. 

Classic dish of Spain, seafood paella in traditional pan on rustic blue concrete background top view. Spanish paella with shrimps, clamps, mussels, green peas and fresh lemon wedges from above in El Xampanyet. One of the best Barcelona tapas restaurants.

With a crowded bar and a sparkling wine specialty, be ready to fight for your standing room. But trust me, the struggle is worth it!

Despite the limited space, El Xampanyet makes for a great culinary experience. Pair your tapas with their homemade brand of sparkling white wine, the bar’s namesake.

 And when it comes to food, don’t miss out on the tortilla or the homemade anchovies. Oh, and brace yourself for the padrón peppers – they’re honestly some of the best you’ll try.

6. Bodega La Puntual

📍 LOCATION: Carrer de Montcada, 22, Barcelona 

💰 PRICE: €€

Bodega La Puntual is a slice of Catalan heritage hidden down Barcelona’s famous Carrer de Montcada. This historic wine bar turned eatery boasts a generous selection of wines, accompanied by a menu that blends traditional tapas with some mouthwatering Catalan cooking.

Authentic traditional Spanish tapas for lunch in Bodega La Puntual. One of t he best Barcelona tapas restaurants.

You’ll feel right at home in Bodega La Puntual, with its cozy, rustic interior and welcoming ambiance. 

Whether you’re a fan of seafood-based tapas or you’re eager to try their indulgent “trinxat” of potato, cabbage, and pork topped with a fried egg, there’s something for everyone here.

7. Can Cisa

📍 LOCATION: Carrer de la Princesa, 14, Barcelona 

💰 PRICE: €€

Wine aficionados, buckle up! Can Cisa is where you go to treat your palate to some of the best natural wines in Barcelona – with some excellent tapas at the same time. 

Stepping into the cozy yet chic interiors, you’ll be struck by the impressive display of wines, housed in industrial-steel cages – a clear testament to their extensive selection of over 700 wines.

Shitake mushroom tapas with cherry tomatoes and crumbled feta cheese in Can Cisa. One of the best Barcelona tapas restaurants

Can Cisa isn’t just a haunt for wine lovers, it’s also a foodie paradise. Frequented by Barcelona’s young and hip gastronomes, the place thrives on a vibrant vibe where food and wine find perfect harmony. 

In particular, you’ll get to taste the eclectic offerings from Bar Brutal, conveniently attached to Can Cisa, without the need for a full sit-down experience next door.

Attention to detail is what sets Can Cisa apart. Expect a warm welcome from knowledgeable bartenders who are ever-ready to guide you through their mammoth wine list. 

8. Jai-Ca

📍 LOCATION: Carrer de Ginebra, 13, Barcelona 

💰 PRICE: €€

Ready for an all-out foodie indulgence? At Jai-Ca, you’ll be gorging on a mountain of fried seafood tapas till you simply can’t anymore. 

The ambiance here is authentic and vibrant, with the echo of clinking glasses and laughter filling up the rustic interiors nestled in the old fisherman’s neighborhood of Barceloneta.

Tapas with sardine and sprat, cream cheese and onion in Jai-Ca. One of the best Barcelona tapas restaurants.

The tapas menu at Jai-Ca is the stuff of legend, packed with local delights like fried cuttlefish, Galician-style octopus, and razor clams. Even if seafood isn’t your thing, you can’t miss their spicy bomba, a crowd-pleasing, meat-filled potato ball. 

Basically, you need to come see why this place is a serious contender in my list of my favorite tapas restaurants in Barcelona!

Do you know the best part about dining at Jai-Ca? It’s the intoxicating sense of stepping into an authentic slice of Barcelona’s culinary world. Each visit to this gem of a place leaves you with a full belly and an even fuller heart.

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9. Bar Pinotxo

📍 LOCATION: Mercado De La Boquería, 465 470, Barcelona 


Talk about a culinary adventure! Bar Pinotxo, snugly located inside the iconic La Boqueria market, is your ticket to traditional Catalan cuisine. 

Since 1940, this food counter with a handful of stools has been offering delicious breakfast and lunch options to both locals and tourists alike.

Glass wine with tapa in Bar Pinotxo. One of the best Barcelona tapas in restaurants.

Stepping into Bar Pinotxo, you’re instantly drawn to its charm and energy. Juanito, the delightful owner, is quite the entertainer, adding a dash of fun to your gastronomic journey. 

And trust me, it’s not just about the ambience – the food here is simply sublime.

With offerings like chipirónes con mongetes (baby squid with white beans) and arroz caldoso con bogavante (seafood broth with soupy rice), Bar Pinotxo’s menu is a delightful explosion of flavors. 

10. La Cova Fumada

📍 LOCATION: Carrer del Baluard, 56, Barcelona 


Craving a dose of old-school tapas? Look no further than La Cova Fumada

Steeped in tradition, this joint offers a rustic setting with a menu scribbled on a worn-out blackboard and a counter displaying a selection of cold dishes. Not to forget the hot plates, brimming with delectable fare, emerging from the kitchen.

Feafood mixed traditional prawn tapas dishes on lisbon restaurant table in La Cova Fumada. One of the best Barcelona tapas restaurants.

La Cova Fumada is more than just a tapas bar, it’s an experience. Previously frequented by sea-workers, this place offers the kind of hearty, home-made tapas that will transport you back in time. 

Their famed “bomba”, a deep-fried ball of potato and spicy meat, is an absolute must-try, along with their seasonal dishes like artichokes in spring and mushrooms in autumn.

Oh, and don’t let the absence of a sign outside fool you, this place is a real gem. Just keep in mind that they won’t seat you unless your entire group is there – but, trust me, a visit here is absolutely worth the effort!

11. Bar Cañete

📍 LOCATION: Carrer de la Unió, 17, Barcelona 


Welcome to Bar Cañete, a tapas hub that’s both a tourist hotspot and a local joint. The ambience here is like fun chaos – bustling, loud, and always brimming with people.

Their tapas menu is a smorgasbord of deliciousness. While the dishes may seem familiar, what sets Bar Cañete apart is the freshness of the ingredients. 

Mushroom, stuffed peppers and olive tapas in Bar Cañete. One of the best Barcelona tapas restaurants.

Enjoy everything from oysters and razor clams to tuna tartare and grilled Iberian pork loin, all impeccably served by their experienced staff.

Bar Cañete is the epitome of a classic tapas spot in Barcelona. Despite the rush, the service remains top-notch, with the staff taking great pride in their work. 

If you’re finding the vast choices a bit overwhelming, simply ask your server to choose for you. You won’t be disappointed!

12. Can Culleretes

📍 LOCATION: Carrer d’en Quintana, 5, Barcelona 

💰 PRICE: €€

Step into a piece of Barcelona’s culinary history at Can Culleretes, the city’s oldest restaurant. As you walk through the doors, you’re transported back to 1786. 

The pictures of illustrious personalities who have dined here, adorning the walls, only add to the vintage charm!

Fresh bread topped with chopped tomatoes, olives and zucchini in Can Culleretes. One of the best Barcelona tapas restaurants.

But we’re here for the food and don’t worry, Can Culleretes is the epitome of traditional Catalan cuisine. Offering a delightful “menu del dia”, you can savor classic dishes like paella, wild boar stew, and Catalan-style roasted suckling pig, paired with fantastic wines. 

And oh, don’t forget to try their heavenly cod croquettes.

Open mainly for lunch and for dinner on Fridays and Saturdays, Can Culleretes provides a gastronomic trip down memory lane. But a word of caution: this place gets busy, so make sure to reserve

13. Bodega Pasaje 1986

📍 LOCATION: Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 162, Barcelona 

💰 PRICE: €€

Your first impression of Bodega Pasaje 1986 might be to dismiss it as an unassuming eatery on the ground floor of a shopping center in Plaça d’Espanya. But don’t be fooled. 

Instead, this bustling joint, constantly packed with a mix of celebratory business lunches, loud birthday gatherings, and determined foodies, is a hidden gem.

Different tapas in Serving spoon on a wooden mat in Bodega Pasaje 1986. One of the best Barcelona tapas restaurants.

Opened in late 2020 by Xavi Alba, former director of Albert Adrià’s celebrated Tickets, Bodega Pasaje 1986 serves simple tapas and traditional Catalan “grandma” dishes, but with an elevated twist. Whether it’s marinated anchovies, green beans and potato, or beef “fricandó” stew, every bite promises an exciting flavor adventure.

True to its ‘Bodega’ title, there’s a fantastic selection of mainly Catalan vintages by the bottle or glass. For a taste of the local, go for a caña (small glass of beer), or savor the vermouth over ice. 

Service is friendly, authentic, and laid-back – just like a neighborhood joint should be!

14. Cal Pep

📍 LOCATION: Plaça de les Olles, 8, Barcelona 

💰 PRICE: €€

Upon first glance, Cal Pep may seem like a simple, unremarkable bar. But wait until you see the food-crazy patrons clamoring over their tapas. 

You’ll soon realize this place is something truly special. Located in a pretty square in El Born, just off Pla del Palau, Cal Pep’s reputation for fantastic tapas is well-deserved.

Tapas in Cal Pep. One of the best Barcelona tapas restaurants.

The star attraction is the food, which ranges from the Spanish omelet with chorizo (arguably the best tortilla in the city) to the tuna tartare, the grilled monkfish, and the chickpea casserole. 

And the team serving you? They’re knowledgeable, efficient, and a great source of fun, even if they can be a bit assertive at times.

The atmosphere is lively and bustling, with a diverse clientele of globetrotting gastronomes and local regulars. Pro tip: aim for a seat at the bar for the full Cal Pep experience and don’t forget to try their range of wine and sparkling cava!

15. Quimet y Quimet

📍 LOCATION: Carrer del Poeta Cabanyes, 25, Barcelona 

💰 PRICE: €€

Visiting Barcelona without a stop at Quimet & Quimet is like missing a crucial piece of the city’s culinary puzzle. Despite its compact size and often crowded interior, Quimet y Quimet, which opened its doors as a wine bar in 1914, consistently dishes out some of the most outstanding tapas in town.

The bar is famous for its montaditos (open-faced canapés) and conservas (preserved shellfish in tins). The salmon sashimi with cream cheese, honey and soy, or the cod, passata and black olive pâté are among their most popular offerings. 

Mixed Asian seafood snacks tapas platter in Quimet y Quimet. One of the best Barcelona tapas restaurants.

Despite its size, the pace never slows down and the tapas keep flowing!

Expect an authentic experience where you rub shoulders with locals and tourists alike. Remember, this place is usually jam-packed and you might have to stand. But, I promise, it’s absolutely worth it!

16. Bar del Pi

📍 LOCATION: Pl. Sant Josep Oriol, 1, Barcelona 


Immerse yourself in the rich history and warm character of Barcelona at Bar del Pi, an authentic Spanish bar tucked in the heart of the Gothic Quarter. It’s surrounded by tourist hotspots but has managed to retain its authentic charm, offering high-quality tapas at fair prices.

Serrano ham tapas with cherry tomato in Bar del Pi. One of the best Barcelona tapas restaurants.

Founded in 1927 by the Martí Pujol family, this historic joint has seen the likes of artists, intellectuals, and politicians grace its tables. Its modernist façade, graffiti glass poster, and bohemian artistic ambiance have cemented its place as an emblematic spot in the city.

Either soak in the lively atmosphere indoors or enjoy the vibrant sights of the Plaza del Pi from their summer terrace. Here, Eloi Martí and his team invite you to relax, watch the world go by, and appreciate the rich heritage of Barcelona.

17. Sensi Tapas

📍 LOCATION: Carrer Ample, 24, Barcelona

💰 PRICE: €€

Stylish, intimate, and tucked away on the bustling Carrer Ample in the Gothic Quarter, Sensi Tapas is a treasure trove of Spanish and Mediterranean flavors. This restaurant takes classic tapas and gives them a unique, creative twist, with a focus on locally sourced and organic ingredients.

The menu here is filled with tantalizing treats like oxtail croquetas, baked octopus, and Mallorquin-style paella. The wine list, predominantly featuring Catalan and Spanish varieties, is impressively comprehensive, and the prices are pleasingly affordable.

Catalan tapas in Sensi Tapas. One of the best Barcelona tapas restaurants.

Although the space is intimate, it quickly fills up with patrons eager to taste the exotic spins on tapas. And let’s not forget the impeccably executed classics like the buttery patatas bravas. 

Just keep in mind that it’s always a good idea to make a reservation!

18. Tosca

📍 LOCATION: Carrer de Sant Pere Més Alt, 8, Barcelona 

💰 PRICE: €€

Tosca, found in an old building in El Born, is a warm, dimly lit bar with an old-world charm. Here, you can expect to find 40 classic tapas dishes, providing a thorough introduction to Spanish gastronomy. 

The prices are reasonable, the service is efficient (especially by Spanish standards), and the location is ideally central.

Waiter prepare meals for customers on Tosca. One of the best Barcelona tapas restaurants.

Whether you’re sinking your teeth into brie toast with jam, goat’s cheese salad, or chorizo, every dish is sure to be impeccable. It’s a place that clearly shows its age with its dark wood interior, but its historic charm only adds to the cozy atmosphere.

It’s the perfect spot if you’re planning to watch a performance at the Palau de la Musica or just looking for a casual night out in town. Tosca effortlessly merges quality, affordability, and authenticity to offer a uniquely Spanish dining experience.

19. Ceverceria Catalana

📍 LOCATION: Carrer de Mallorca, 236, Barcelona 


Ceverceria Catalana, a Barcelona classic, is a haven for both locals and tourists seeking a truly authentic Catalan tapas experience. Found right in the vibrant Eixample neighborhood, just off Rambla de Catalunya, this tapas joint boasts a reputation so sparkling, you’d probably find yourself queuing up for a table. 

And let’s not forget, the beer lovers amongst you will certainly be impressed with the decent variety available, beyond the standard mass-market options.

Sauteed fresh clams tapas in lemon garlic parsley sauce in Ceverceria Catalana. One of the best Barcelona tapas restaurants.

The restaurant’s menu offers a plethora of tapas choices and daily specials to pick from, all while being kind on the wallet. While the ambiance might seem somewhat impersonal, trust me, the tantalizing flavors and high-quality food completely override this minor quibble. 

Make sure to check out the bravas, pulpo a la gallega, and razor clams at Ceverceria Catalana. 

Plus, the fun experience of sitting at the bar shouldn’t be missed! You may need to arrive early to grab a spot (inside or outside on the terrace) but wherever you end up, get ready to dig into some delicious tapas at this great spot.

20. Bormuth

📍 LOCATION: Plaça Comercial, 1, Barcelona


If you’re out and about in the Born district and are craving some delectable tapas, a glass of house vermouth, or perhaps a craft beer, Bormuth has got you covered. With its blend of classic and modern tapas, solid service (especially given how crowded it gets), and a homely vibe, it’s no wonder this joint has quickly become a crowd magnet.

The atmosphere at Bormuth exudes an authentic feel, despite its relatively new presence on the scene. And while it’s in a touristy area, it’s pleasantly frequented by a mix of locals and tourists. 

Spanish tapas, patatas bravas with garlic mayonnaise dipping sauce in Bormuth. One of the best Barcelona tapas restaurants.

What’s more, their bravas come highly recommended and the long list of drinks is definitely something to look forward to!

So whether you’re looking for a quick snack before lunch, a relaxing vermouth session, or simply a lively spot to enjoy quality tapas, you’ll be covered here. Just don’t forget to make a reservation if you’re with a group as, trust me, Bormuth has a knack for getting busy!

21. Bar Velodromo

📍 LOCATION: Carrer de Muntaner, 213, Barcelona 

💰 PRICE: €€

Entering Bar Velodromo feels like stepping into an elegant time capsule, thanks to its exquisite Art Deco design and racing green finishes. Tucked away in the Zona Alta, this spot offers an extensive menu of well-priced tapas and snacks, perfect for your culinary explorations.

Patatas bravas are a typical preparation of the bars of Spain consisting of potatoes cut into large cubes, fried in olive oil and seasoned with salsa brava, which is a spicy sauce in Bar Velodromo. One of the best Barcelona tapas restaurants.

Maintaining its original charm, Bar Velodromo has managed to blend high-quality Catalan cuisine with the refreshing notes of beer from Fàbrica Moritz Barcelona. It’s an absolute gem, whether you’re looking for a laid-back evening or a gastronomic adventure.

Indulge in their fantastic tapas, soak in the charming Art Deco ambience, and perhaps even enjoy a glass of Moritz beer. This spot absolutely carries the elegance of a bygone era into the present day.

22. Betlem Miscel·lània Gastronòmica

📍 LOCATION: Girona, 70, Barcelona 

💰 PRICE: €€

Betlem Miscel·lània Gastronòmica, a former corner store in the post-Olympics Eixample neighborhood, is a testament to Barcelona’s transformative tapas scene. Chef Víctor Ferrer has curated a delectable menu that’s rich in flavors, textures, and of course, surprises!

Modern gourmet creative cuisine goat cheese salad with organic marinated vegetables and figs in Betlem Miscel·lània Gastronòmica. One of the best Barcelona tapas restaurants.

The dishes are an array of delicacies, ranging from simple cold sandwiches to more sophisticated offerings like Iberian pork with foie gras. Their version of patatas bravas is absolutely delicious, but the star of the show is their hearty, flavorful callos (tripe) with chickpeas – it’s an absolute must-try!

End your meal with one of their finely crafted cocktails – a mojito or a gin and tonic, perhaps? These classics are done seriously well here!

23. Xanc i Meli

📍 LOCATION: Francolí, 53, Barcelona 


Ever wanted to experience the Cadaqués vibe right in the heart of Barcelona? Xanc i Meli, born from the vision of two friends and their love for Cadaqués, serves up comforting tapas and small dishes to share. 

Expect seafood delights such as succulent fish stew, slow-cooked fish filets drenched in sauce, and much more.

Their menu, although brief, offers a range of tasty, well-executed dishes. The cod with garlic mousseline and ratatouille, cuttlefish meatballs tinted with squid ink, and the delectable pea stew are all great choices. 

Paella with seafood and chicken in Xanc i Mel. One of the best Barcelona tapas restaurants.

Honestly, in a world of fried foods, Xanc i Meli stands out for its comfort dishes that you can joyfully dig into with a spoon.

To round off your meal, go for the homemade tarte tatin or the ‘tapones de Cadaqués’ – sweet, sugar-dusted sponge cakes that are pure bliss.

24. La Mundana

📍 LOCATION: Vallespir, 93, Barcelona 

💰 PRICE: €€

Located in the buzzing Sants neighborhood, La Mundana brings an adventurous twist to the traditional tapas scene. Packed every night, it’s a must-visit for those with a palate for creativity. 

This charming eatery features a compact dining area, tall tables near the entrance, and a couple of small bars.

With a menu spanning dishes from around the globe, La Mundana guarantees an imaginative, flavorsome experience. How about some tuna tataki with Asian aromas, octopus with Iberian ‘tocino’, or a skewer of Duroc pork with hummus? 

Spicy shrimp with garlic and chilli pepper seafood tapas in La Mundana. One of the best Barcelona tapas restaurants.

They even have their take on the trending ‘buns’, croquettes, calamari, and patatas bravas.

Their in-house smoked meats and an impressive selection of tapas make this place special. La Mundana is proof that a small place, built with care and soul, brick by brick, can hold its own against the city’s big gastronomic projects. 

It’s a small spot with a big heart, and a ton of delicious dishes to try!

25. La Esquinica

📍 LOCATION: Passeig de Fabra i Puig, 296, Barcelona 

💰 PRICE: €€

Time to take your tapas tour to an off-the-beaten-path gem: La Esquinica. Tucked away in the neighborhood of Nou Barris, this tapas spot is well worth the journey, offering great value for your buck. 

Think patatas bravas with alioli, tender battered squid rings, ‘llonganissa’ sausage, and ‘tigres’ stuffed mussels, all served up in a bustling, authentically local setting.

Grilled fresh sausage starter tapas snack set on rustic wood board in La Esquinica. One of the best Barcelona tapas restaurants.

La Esquinica may be a bit of a detour from the usual touristy spots, but trust me, your taste buds will thank you for the adventure. 

A word to the wise though, arrive early! With its popularity among locals, tables fill up fast, and reservations aren’t accepted.

Originally from Zaragoza, La Esquinica brings a unique touch to the Barcelona tapas scene. Featuring hearty plates, unbeatable prices, and a friendly atmosphere, this spot is sure to make you feel like a local, even if you’re just visiting.

26. Contracorrent Bar

📍 LOCATION: Carre de Ribes, 35, Barcelona 

💰 PRICE: €€

Contracorrent Bar, translating to “against the current,” stands as a gastronomic beacon among its neighboring dive bars. With a tapas menu that changes with the seasons, some of their standout dishes like the roast chicken-based twist on the classic Russian salad and steamed mussels with ginger and tapioca have already achieved legendary status.

Whole roast chicken in Contracorrent Bar. One of the best Barcelona tapas restaurants.

This little gem might be easy to overlook on a busy street, but those in the know are rewarded with rustic interiors, a bustling outdoor terrace, and a selection of natural wines curated by co-owner and sommelier Anna Pla. If you’re after a slice of local life and an affordable price point, Contracorrent is a spot not to be missed.

Aside from the ever-changing chalkboard menu, the ambiance of this place is something to behold. You’re more likely to hear Catalan spoken here than English, with a crowd of natural wine enthusiasts who are serious about their libations. Let’s toast to that!

27. Denassus

📍 LOCATION: Carrer de la Tapioles, 53, Barcelona 

💰 PRICE: €€

Next up, Denassus: a natural wine bar and restaurant fusion in Poble Sec. With an array of wines from Catalonia and beyond, Denassus is a haven for wine enthusiasts. Red, white, sparkling, pet-nat, ancestral, orange, biodynamic, vegan – they’ve got it all.

The food menu here is no afterthought though. Try their Peking duck croquettes or the grilled octopus, all designed to be shared and pair perfectly with the wine. 

Tapas in Denassus. One of the best Barcelona tapas restaurants.

The sommeliers are ready to assist you in finding the perfect match for your palate, whether you’re a wine connoisseur or just dipping your toes into the world of natural wine.

A hip crowd of locals and in-the-know tourists flock to Denassus, making it a vibrant spot on a bustling pedestrianized street. Not only does this place offer an extensive selection of natural wines, but it’s also a fantastic place to enjoy a warm summer night on their lively outdoor patio.

28. Bar Ramón

📍 LOCATION: Carrer del Comte Borrell, 81, Barcelona 

💰 PRICE: €€

Established in 1939, Bar Ramón is one of Barcelona’s historic culinary institutions that’s still standing strong. Keeping the legacy alive are the grandchildren of the founder, Ramón Estalella, serving up classic tapas like patatas bravas and croquettes, along with house specialties like steak with foie gras, char-grilled octopus, and rabbit ribs.

Facing the Mercat de Sant Antoni, Bar Ramón is a lively spot enjoyed by both locals and tourists. Picture a late-night dining room filled with enticing aromas of garlic prawns, ribeye infused with foie gras, and more. 

Delicious Tapas in Bar Ramón. One of the best Barcelona tapas restaurants.

And pair your food with their popular wines and you’re in for a real treat!

Given the restaurant’s popularity, a reservation is recommended. Bar Ramón changes its offerings daily or weekly, ensuring every visit offers a fresh culinary experience. 

With its location in the heart of Sant Antoni, it’s a must-visit for anyone looking to dive into Barcelona’s vibrant tapas scene.

29. Dos Pebrots

📍 LOCATION: Carrer del Dr. Dou, 19, Barcelona 

💰 PRICE: €€€

Dos Pebrots by Albert Raurich, former head chef at Ferran Adrià’s El Bulli, transcends the traditional concept of a tapas bar. With unique dishes like oyster with ham and pear, ancient leek with beer, and pine nut omelet, it’s no wonder local foodies can’t stop raving about this place.

Spanish tapa appetizer, fresh anchovy on an artichoke in Dos Pebrots. One of the best Barcelona tapas restaurants.

Found in the north of the Raval between MACBA and Dos Palillos, Dos Pebrots brings together the best of Mediterranean cuisine with high-quality, seasonal ingredients. Cozy and warm, with attentive service, it’s a dining experience that leaves no one indifferent.

The fact that Albert Raurich earned a Michelin star at Dos Palillos before opening Dos Pebrots is a testament to his culinary genius. It’s more than just a tapas bar – it’s a gastronomic journey that shouldn’t be missed.

30. Ziryab

📍 LOCATION: Carrer de Grunyí, 5, Barcelona 

💰 PRICE: €€

Tired of patatas bravas? Ziryab offers a fresh twist on tapas with a Middle Eastern flair. 

Think bacon-wrapped dates and grilled halloumi that take center stage in this cozy restaurant tucked away near the Picasso Museum in the city’s Old Medieval Town.

Not only does Ziryab serve a refreshing twist on traditional tapas, but they also provide lighter, healthier alternatives with a Mediterranean spin. Be sure to try their puff pastry filled with winter chestnuts, rosemary, and blue cheese or the pa amb tomaquet with cured Bellota ham.

Spanish tapas in Ziryab. One of the best Barcelona tapas restaurants.

Don’t let the winding alleyway deter you – Ziryab is a treasure waiting to be discovered. Do make a reservation, though, as this popular spot has limited space. 

After one bite, you’ll quickly realize why Ziryab is on the list of many food-loving travelers in Barcelona.


How much do tapas cost in Barcelona?

Typically, a single tapa can cost anywhere between €1.50 to €3 at budget-friendly spots, while at high-end tapas bars, expect to pay anywhere between €5 to €10 or more per dish. This variation mainly depends on the ingredients used and the location of the bar.

In Barcelona, tapas pricing can be as diverse as the dishes themselves. And while these are the averages, it’s always a good idea to check the prices before ordering, as they can vary widely from place to place. 

Some bars also offer ‘tapas combos’ or ‘tapas menus’, which might include a selection of tapas along with a drink. This can be a more economical way to sample a wider variety of dishes. 

Remember, though, it’s not just about the cost but also the quality and experience that counts!

What is the best time for tapas in Barcelona?

The best time for tapas in Barcelona is traditionally late afternoon or early evening. In line with Spanish dining customs, locals usually start their tapas crawl around 6 PM, but it’s not uncommon for tapas bars to remain buzzing till midnight or even beyond.

However, don’t let the local custom stop you from indulging in some midday tapas if you feel like it. Many places serve tapas throughout the day, especially in the touristy areas. 

Some bars even offer ‘pintxos’ – the Basque version of tapas, usually served on a slice of a baguette, during lunch hours.

people eating at one of the best Barcelona tapas restaurants in Spain

What’s the most popular tapas in Barcelona?

The most popular tapas in Barcelona is without a doubt, the iconic ‘patatas bravas’. These crispy, golden-fried potatoes topped with a spicy tomato sauce and a drizzle of aioli are a crowd-pleaser in any tapas bar.

But Barcelona’s tapas scene is far more than just patatas bravas. There are countless other popular tapas you must try. ‘Pan con Tomate’ (bread with tomato) is a Catalan staple and a perfect accompaniment to any tapas meal. For seafood lovers, ‘Pulpo a la Gallega’ (Galician-style octopus) or ‘Gambas al Ajillo’ (garlic shrimp) are a must-try. 

And let’s not forget ‘Tortilla Española’, the classic Spanish omelet made with potatoes and onions. Every tapas bar has its own unique offerings, so be adventurous!

Do you tip at tapas bars in Barcelona?

Tipping at tapas bars in Barcelona, like in most of Spain, isn’t obligatory but it is certainly appreciated. Typically, locals might leave small change or round up to the nearest euro for good service. However, some higher end places might already include a service charge in the bill.

This isn’t common in local places but if you’re somewhere that feels like it might be a bit touristy, just do check before leaving a tip.

Tipping really isn’t a thing in general in Spain though, especially compared to North America, so don’t feel obliged to leave anything – many locals won’t. And remember, a smile and a thank you to your server can sometimes be the best tip of all!

What do you wear to a tapas bar in Barcelona?

When it comes to dressing for a tapas bar in Barcelona, comfort is key. After all, you’ll likely be hopping from one bar to another! Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city, and people here have a casual yet stylish approach to dressing.

A pair of jeans with a nice top or shirt, a casual dress or skirt, or even shorts in the summer months would all work fine. Remember, it can get a bit chilly in the evenings outside of summer, so it’s always a good idea to carry a light jacket or sweater. 

While there’s no strict dress code for most tapas bars, if you’re planning to visit a high-end place, you might want to dress up a bit more. 

Ultimately, the aim is to feel comfortable and enjoy your tapas adventure to the fullest!

people eating at one of the best Barcelona taps restaurants

Can kids go in tapas bars in Barcelona?

Absolutely! Kids are more than welcome in tapas bars in Barcelona. While the city is renowned for its vibrant and bustling nightlife, it’s also quite family-friendly. You’ll find that many tapas bars happily accommodate families, creating a warm and inclusive atmosphere for all ages to enjoy.

When visiting tapas bars with kids, there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, it’s a good idea to go during the earlier hours, as Barcelona’s dining culture tends to start a bit later in the evening. This way, you can avoid the crowds and ensure a more relaxed dining experience for your little ones.

Another tip is to look for tapas bars that offer a casual and laid-back ambiance. In particular, look for one with outdoor seating – and bonus points if it’s in a square, as it’s very common in Spain for parents to sit at a tapas bar while their kids run around nearby.

(You’ll actually probably notice this happening much later than you would back home, depending on where you come from. I’ve seen parents having a night out with the kids playing with each other until well past 11pm – and no one bats an eyelid!)

Additionally, tapas bars typically offer a wide range of dishes, making it easier to find options that cater to your children’s preferences. You’ll discover an array of delectable small plates, from classic Spanish tortilla and patatas bravas to more kid-friendly options like croquettes, calamari, and empanadas. Don’t be afraid to ask the waitstaff for recommendations or modifications to suit your children’s taste buds.

Finally, taking your kids to a tapas bar can be a good way to get them fed at normal hours for them. As mentioned, Spaniards tend to eat dinner very late, with many restaurants not even opening until at least 9pm. If your kids can’t wait that long, letting them have some tapas instead is a great alternative.

Overall, Barcelona is a fantastic destination for families, and tapas bars are no exception. Enjoy the lively atmosphere, savor the mouthwatering dishes, and create lasting memories with your loved ones as you embark on a culinary journey through the charming streets of Barcelona.

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