20 Best Cafes to Work in Barcelona (2024) – Laptop Friendly!

two digital nomads working in a laptop friendly place at one of the best cafes to work in Barcelona
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Barcelona isn’t just a city of stunning sights and delicious food, it’s also a haven for those looking to work with a side of café culture. The city is dotted with cozy cafes perfect for setting up your laptop and getting down to business.

As someone who lives in Spain and has spent countless hours working in various Barcelona cafes, I know a thing or two about finding the perfect spot with good coffee, reliable Wi-Fi, and a welcoming atmosphere.

But what makes a café in Barcelona ideal for working, and where can you find these hidden gems? Well, stick with me, and I’ll take you through the best spots in the city where you can get productive in the coziest, hipster or downright coolest settings.

two digital nomads working in a laptop friendly place at one of the best cafes to work in Barcelona

Best cafes to work in Barcelona

1. Federal Cafe

Talk about leading the way! Federal Cafe was at the helm of Barcelona’s breakfast and brunch craze and continues to pioneer by diving into the coworking market. 

The space is enormous and teeming with an energetic crowd of digital nomads, freelancers, and students, all feeding off each other’s dynamism. With two power outlets per table and large group work areas, you’ll feel powered up in more ways than one.

In fact, if you head on over to their popular branch in the Gothic Quarter, which is often considered one of the best places to work in Barcelona, you’ll find more than just free WiFi and power outlets. It’s about the camaraderie among everyone there, the buzz of great ideas being hatched, and an atmosphere of productivity that’s simply infectious. 

What more could you ask for? Well, how about great food and delicious coffee – all the better for churning out your next big thing!

2. Coco Coffice

Freelancers, meet your new favorite hangout spot – Coco Coffice. This unique spot blurs the line between a coffee shop and a coworking space, allowing you to pay by the hour and providing free, unlimited coffee, tea, and snacks. 

Whether you’re looking to craft the next best-selling novel or build your business empire, Coco Coffice makes it all possible in a budget-friendly way.

You might think of Coco Coffice as a no-strings-attached coworking space. And that’s fair enough given that the moment you walk in, the light, airy spaces whisper promises of inspiration and productivity. 

Then, when you’re ready to leave, you pay only for the hours you’ve worked – as simple as that! 

3. Flax and Kale

If you’re looking for an organic twist to your workspace, Flax & Kale might just be your spot. This café/restaurant chain has spread its wings throughout Barcelona, but the outlet on Carrer dels Tallers, right next to the University of Barcelona, is a hub of focused productivity. 

The sizable interior and gorgeous terrace offer an appealing blend of work and leisure, as one of the most laptop-friendly cafes in Barcelona. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to work in a spot that screams New York chic? 

Flax & Kale checks all the boxes – delicious drinks, free WiFi, organic recipes, beautiful pastries, and a vibe that leaves you craving more. It’s a paradise for foodies and a productive haven for digital nomads – a win-win situation, really!

4. SlowMov

SlowMov in Gràcia is like a love letter to coffee lovers. Specialty coffees and a variety of roasted options are the stars here. 

The atmosphere is just quiet enough to let you concentrate but lively enough to keep you motivated. While it’s a smaller spot, perfect for brief work sprints, the hype around it in top café lists (and a solid argument for it having the best coffee in Barcelona) is absolutely well-deserved.

For one thing, when you walk into SlowMov, you’ll notice it’s clean, quiet, and incredibly conducive for work. The free Wi-Fi lets you get your tasks done, while the availability of drinks and snacks keeps you fuelled. 

Basically, I see SlowMov as a reflection of Spain’s rich coffee culture, enhanced with a laptop-friendly environment and endless opportunities for networking.

5. Laie Libreria Café

Imagine a world where you can indulge in your love for books while getting work done, and all the while sipping on some of the best coffee Barcelona has to offer! Welcome to Laie Libreria Café, a charming escape that’s just off Passeig de Gràcia. 

The light, airy interior is a book lover’s paradise with walls lined with riveting reads, offering a stimulating environment to get your creative juices flowing. But Laie isn’t just your average bookshop café; it’s a sanctuary for bookworms and digital nomads alike. 

Situated near the Urquinaona metro station, it effortlessly merges the tranquility of a bookstore with the convenience of a café. With a mouth-watering selection of snacks and coffee to fuel your work day, you might find yourself spending more hours here than you initially planned. 

But don’t forget to leave some time to browse through the extensive collection of books in Spanish, English, and other languages once you’re done with work!

6. FabCafe

If you’re a tech-savvy digital nomad, FabCafe near the Arc de Triomf is your go-to place. Combining the comforts of a café with the advantages of a co-working space, FabCafe caters to the needs of creatives and tech enthusiasts as one of the best cafes to work in Barcelona. 

This isn’t your everyday coffee shop. Here, you can enjoy access to 3D scanners, 3D printers, laser cutters, and cloud printers as you sip on their delicious coffees.

From a buzzing atmosphere to fast Wi-Fi and numerous power outlets, FabCafe checks all the boxes of a perfect workspace. And when you need to take a break from your laptop screen, the cute surroundings are perfect for a short stroll. 

You can also indulge in the scrumptious street food options nearby if you’re a bit done with cafe food. Overall, though, FabCafe stands out as a great coworking café that inspires creativity and productivity.

7. La Terracita at the CCCB

Dive into the cultural heartbeat of Barcelona at the CCCB, located in the lively Raval District. More than just a cultural center, it’s home to a vibrant workspace, and an extensive archive of 10,000 multimedia references. 

And right next door, you’ll find La Terracita, a quaint café perfect for a quick caffeine fix and a bite while you power through your tasks.

The Centre de Cultura Contemporània of Barcelona (CCCB) is a thriving hub of culture and creativity. Its workspace offers a variety of setups, catering to your unique work preferences. 

With its free entry, comfy chairs, and easy access to the café, CCCB is the perfect spot for knocking out those important tasks. So, get your laptop, order a fresh brew, and soak in the eclectic vibes of this cultural haven.

8. Brew Coffee

Located just off the Tetuan metro stop, Brew Coffee is your downtown haven for specialty coffee and work-friendly ambiance. Offering a delightful assortment of Asian-influenced pastries, this café creates an inviting atmosphere that makes work feel less like a chore and more like a treat.

Brew Coffee blends the comfort of a large space with the charm of a cozy café, making it one of the most inviting spots for digital nomads in Barcelona. Indulge in their unique matcha pastries or stick to a more traditional cream delight – the choice is yours. 

With their friendly staff ready to serve you the best coffee in town, Brew Coffee creates the perfect backdrop for your productive day in Barcelona.

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9. Filmoteca de Catalunya

Picture this, a bustling film archive run by the local government that transforms into a calm, laptop-friendly coffee shop during the day. Yes, that’s Filmoteca de Catalunya for you, just a ten-minute stroll downtown through El Raval. 

With long tables, an open-plan café, and very reasonably priced food, it’s become a prime spot for digital nomads during office hours.

And if you stay long enough until the evening, you’ll see the vibe start to change. The Filmoteca starts teeming with life, becoming a vibrant nightspot where you can kick back and relax. 

Their great value lunchtime menu offers nutritious snacks and sharing plates that fuel your workday. So, if you’re looking for an exciting yet productive environment, this Barcelona gem is worth a visit!

10. Lulu & Flyn Barcelona

Wake up to the aroma of fresh coffee and a delectable brunch spread at Lulu & Flyn, a top coworking café in Barcelona’s El Born. With its cozy, home-like ambiance, this café is sure to boost your motivation levels right from the start of your day. 

It’s spacious yet not too expansive, providing the perfect balance of comfort and concentration.

Lulu & Flyn isn’t just a coworking café, but also a hotspot for freelancers, students, and digital nomads. Known for their specialty coffee and incredible brunch platters, it’s one of the best cafes to work in Barcelona while also being able to make virtual friendships with other freelancers – ideally while sipping their unforgettable matcha latte. 

11. Morrow Coffee

Right in the heart of Poble Sec is Morrow Coffee which offers an exceptional café experience that’s worth every penny. Whether it’s their scrumptious pastries, decadent cakes, or delicious roasted coffee, there’s nothing you won’t fall in love with here. 

It’s a hub where quality meets comfort, making for a truly satisfying work experience. With free Wi-Fi and power plugs readily available, it’s undoubtedly one of the best places to study or work in Barcelona. 

12. Espai Joliu

Espai Joliu is a unique blend of a plant store and a café that captivates you with its shabby chic and rustic Spanish charm. Offering tea, coffee, and vegan-friendly treats along with fast Wi-Fi, it’s a different yet exciting option for anyone looking for a refreshing change from conventional workspaces.

Situated in the emerging neighborhood of Poble Nou, Espai Joliu is a visual treat with its inspiring décor and abundant greenery. Apart from its cozy café, it also houses a variety of art, artisan jewelry, plants, and trendy magazines. 

Do keep in mind that this verdant haven can get crowded with other freelancers, so arrive early to secure your spot! 

The business makes sense though as, with their delicious cookies, tasty cakes, and an array of vegan options, Espai Joliu stands out as a favorite among locals and digital nomads alike.

13. Hidden Cafe

If you’re looking for a perfect blend of healthy food and productive coworking, look no further than Hidden Cafe. With several branches across the city, the one that’s a hit amongst digital nomads lies in El Born, right near Parc de la Ciutadella. 

The place is buzzing with freelancers and students, and the fast, reliable Wi-Fi and available power outlets make it one of the most laptop-friendly cafes in Barcelona.

Though it’s not one of the biggest, Hidden Cafe has enough seating space to find a spot near a socket any time of the day. Along with its charming decor and clean atmosphere, this cafe’s central location makes it an ideal place to work while sipping on a hot brew.

14. Black Remedy

If you’re the type who thrives on energy and bustle, then Black Remedy is your go-to spot. With a lively bar vibe, this cafe in the heart of the Gothic Quarter offers more than just excellent coffee, food, and service. 

Pro tip: If you can secure a seat at the end of a table, you’ll get the best access to power outlets, all while enjoying decent Wi-Fi speed.

Black Remedy isn’t just a coworking spot; it’s also a pit stop for city explorers. It’s a great coffee shop to get some work done between sightseeing, thanks to its central location. 

With friendly staff, a nice tea and coffee selection, and a positive vibe, you’re bound to get hooked!

15. Sandwichez

Sandwichez is more than just a coffee shop; it’s a favorite work-and-study spot for many in Barcelona. As one of the most famous chain coffee shops in the city, Sandwichez is frequented by freelancers and students who spend all day working on their laptops in its spacious interiors.

The café doesn’t compromise on the culinary front either. They offer great food, snacks, and drinks at affordable prices. 

And with its fast Wi-Fi, functioning power outlets, and amazing staff, Sandwichez has emerged as a top choice for digital nomads, including as one of the most laptop friendly cafes in Barcelona.

Remember, there are many Sandwichez locations all around Barcelona. So, if you love hopping from one cafe to another, do visit their other branches when time (and motivation) permits!

16. Sopa

Tucked away in the heart of Carrer de Roc Boronat, Sopa is a coworking haven worth a visit. It’s located near the hidden gem of Barcelona, the Poblenou Cemetery, adorned with beautiful sculptures. 

But if it’s work that’s on your mind, then Sopa serves as the perfect backdrop for a productive day!

This Poblenou coffee shop is a café-restaurant blend offering free Wi-Fi, power outlets, and ample seating. With panoramic windows allowing plenty of natural light, Sopa sets up a serene atmosphere for a fruitful remote workday. 

They also serve fresh vegetarian and vegan cuisine, so you can fuel your work with their healthy set lunch menu. A sunny day at Sopa is sure to brighten up your workday!

17. Taranna

Stepping away from the bustling tourist attractions, Taranna is a peaceful haven tucked away in the lesser-visited side of Poblenou. Along with its cozy first-floor café, there’s a hidden gem downstairs where you’ll find creatives hard at work. 

One point to keep in mind is that they do seem to have covered up most of their power outlets, presumably due to just a few too many laptops getting comfortable there during the day. While you shouldn’t see this as a deterrent from going there at all, it’s worth knowing that this place is now more suitable for a quick work session requiring no plug-ins.

The upper level of Taranna is cute and inviting, while the basement offers a perfect work sanctuary. This spot, often filled with in-the-loop creatives working on their laptops, feels like a small coworking space. 

With a robust Wi-Fi connection and noise-proof setting, this has become a real go-to spot for productive days. 

18. Alsur Cafe

Alsur Cafe is a hot favorite among digital nomads in Barcelona. Frequented daily by many freelancers, it’s not just a coffee shop, but also a sought-after brunch and breakfast restaurant. 

And if you’re in search of quality coffee and a great workspace, this is a must-visit.

With a location close to the city center and an all-week operation from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. (and till 10:30 p.m. on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays), Alsur Cafe allows you to spend your entire day working and sipping on your favorite brew. Its dim lights, free Wi-Fi, and power outlets create a homely, motivating atmosphere.

19. Satan’s Coffee Corner

Satan’s Coffee Corner is a classic coffee spot for expats and visitors in Barcelona. While power outlets are few, the café offers ample space at the bar and around large tables that can host a group of eight. 

It’s got a strong opinion on WiFi, TripAdvisor and others, as you’ll see from their sign below, but it’s been earning rave reviews since it opened in 2012. And in addition to its “hellishly good coffee,” you’ll also find unconventional food offerings, including traditional Japanese breakfasts. 

The minimalist yet hip ambiance is a perfect spot for focused work or study (as long as you’re happy to tether off your own phone), with minimal distractions – including the fact that kids aren’t allowed here! If you’re a coffee connoisseur, this is the spot to work, savor, and explore new coffee blends and flavors.

20. Buenas Migas

To label Buenas Migas as just a great study spot would be an understatement. With branches all over Barcelona, its Passeig de Gracia café is particularly popular for its excellent breakfast, coffee, and brunch offerings. 

Open from 7 am to 12 am, this large café provides an ample window of time to be productive with your work.

Buenas Migas is a favorite among locals and foreigners, offering a variety of good coffees at affordable prices. With its light, spacious interiors and an extensive seating area, it’s indeed one of the best places to work in Barcelona. 

Whether you want to spend a few hours or the whole day working, Buenas Migas will welcome you with open arms.

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