10 Best Barcelona Beaches for Families (2024)

parents and kids having fun at one of the best Barcelona beaches for families in Spain
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Planning a family trip to Barcelona and looking to soak up some sun? With its coastline dotted with golden sands and playful waves, Barcelona’s beaches are every family’s dream. 

But with so many options, how do you pick the perfect one that ensures both fun for the kiddos and relaxation for the grown-ups? Well, that’s where I come in!

Having lived in Spain and spent countless sun-kissed days in the Catalan capital, I’ve got the insider scoop on the best Barcelona beaches for families around. From hidden gems to bustling hotspots, this guide promises to equip you with all you need for a memorable beach day. 

Planning a trip to Barcelona?

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parents and kids having fun at one of the best Barcelona beaches for families in Spain

Best Barcelona beaches for families

1. Nova Icària

If you’re bringing the kiddos to Barcelona, Nova Icària is where you’ve got to kick off your beach day. Why? It’s super kid-friendly, with calm waters and soft sands perfect for little toes. 

Your kids can frolic in the shallows without you stressing about strong currents. The beach’s length is just right, not too long nor too short, making it easy to keep an eye out on your little ones as they wander. 

Crowds of tourist in the beach of Nova Icària is one of the best Barcelona beaches for families.

Now, the nearby playground? It’s a lifesaver. Picture slides, swings, and seesaws – ideal for when they need a break from the water. 

And for the grown-ups, those chiringuitos (beach bars) are calling. Fresh seafood, cold drinks, and a view of the Mediterranean? It’s relaxation redefined.

Bonus: it’s super close to Port Olímpic if you fancy a walk with a view!

2. Bogatell

This is more than just a beach; it’s like the city’s chill-out zone. Long stretches of sand mean you won’t be fighting for space, even in the summer buzz. 

All this space means the kids have loads of room to run around, build epic sand fortresses, or just lounge in the sun.

What makes it great for families? The sheer variety of things to do. Your family can join in on a beach volleyball match, have a laugh with a ping pong rally, or rent bicycles and explore the adjacent paths. 

Or why not take the opportunity for the kids (or adults!) to try paddle surfing – it’s a blast, and the instructors here cater to all ages. Once everyone’s exhausted, grab that gelato or a refreshing horchata to wrap up your day.

And even for heading home, you’ve got a good thing going here, as some of the best Barcelona hotels located on the beach are right next door. That means in just a quick stroll, you’ll be back at your home away from home before you know it!

3. Castelldefels

Ever wished for a beach that feels like a getaway but is close enough to the city? Castelldefels, amigos! The beach is massive, so it never feels crowded and offers a sense of freedom that’s hard to find elsewhere. 

Teens in the family? They’ll love the adrenaline rush from kitesurfing and windsurfing, with plenty of rental places around. 

For the younger ones, the beach gently slopes into the sea, providing a secure place for them to splash around. 

And let’s talk food: the local restaurants here are legendary. Picture dining alfresco with a view of the beach, as you dig into a seafood paella so fresh you can almost hear the ocean in it. This beach promises memories galore for the whole family!

4. Calella

Calella is like that local secret you wish you’d known about earlier. While it’s not strictly in Barcelona, this nearby beach town has the vibe of an intimate seaside escape. 

Its coastline is spacious, giving kids a massive sandbox to let their imaginations run wild. A bonus? The soft sand here is perfect for little feet that want to wander and explore. 

The marvelous view of Calella beach is one of the best Barcelona beaches for families.

Plus don’t worry – lifeguards are on the lookout, making sure your family’s sea adventures are safe. 

When the munchies hit, take a little stroll along the promenade, where you’ll find friendly food stalls selling fresh churros – a must-try!

5. Sant Sebastià

Ah, Sant Sebastià! Right in Barcelona’s backyard, this beach is iconic, and here’s why families love it: Its proximity to the city makes it super accessible. Think of it as an urban oasis where you can swap city sounds for waves in minutes. 

It’s one of the oldest beaches around, and the calm waters here are perfect for both toddlers taking their first dip and older kids eager to swim.

And the W Barcelona hotel stands as a futuristic backdrop, making it a cool spot for some family selfies. Local tip: grab a bite from one of the beachside eateries once hunger kicks in from all that sun.

6. Sitges

Gather around beach lovers, because Sitges is the talk of the town! A short train ride away from Barcelona, it’s a mix of charm and fun. 

Families rave about its seventeen (yes, you read that right right!) beaches, each with its own character. Playa de la Ribera, for instance, has shallow waters, making it primo territory for little ones learning to paddle. 

Then there’s the buzz of festivals and events; Sitges always seems to have something going on. Whether it’s a carnival or a local celebration, there’s always a hint of festivity in the air. 

And when it comes to food, the town is dotted with family-friendly eateries. Think: creamy ice creams, crispy calamari, and fresh gazpacho. 

It’s not just a beach day; it’s a whole experience!

7. Mar Bella

Mar Bella is one of those urban gems that makes Barcelona so special. First up, the dedicated kids’ area is a winner. With play equipment and shades, it ensures that the young ones have their share of fun under the sun. 

But the beach isn’t just about lounging; there’s a water sports center for a dose of thrill. Whether it’s kayaking or windsurfing, the family’s adventurous side is sorted. 

And when your tummy begins to rumble, swing by the seafront eateries. Pro-tip: the seafood tapas here are the real deal – perfect for introducing the kiddos to some authentic Spanish flavors.

Mar Bella Beach on the Barcelona seafront is one of the best Barcelona beaches for families.

8. Ocata

Ever wished for crystal-clear waters with a side of golden sand? Enter Ocata, just a train ride away in the town of El Masnou. 

This beach boasts of serene waters, making it a top choice for families with little swimmers. The water’s clarity gives parents that extra peace of mind as they can easily spot their young ones. 

But it’s not just about swimming; the promenade behind is perfect for a family stroll or a leisurely bike ride. After a sun-soaked day, indulge in some local cuisine at the nearby cafes. 

Trust me, their fresh fruit juices are exactly what everyone will be craving after a day at the beach.

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9. Llevant

And now, let’s head to Llevant – Barcelona’s relatively newer beach addition. This place is a contemporary haven. 

There’s just SO much space here, so you won’t feel cramped even during peak times. For the kids, there’s a modern play area which looks like it’s straight out of a design magazine. 

And if your family is into water sports, the dedicated zones for activities like paddleboarding are a major plus. 

But the best part? The beach’s urban setting means you’re never far from amenities. Whether you’re craving an ice-cold drink or need to make a quick diaper change, everything is just a stone’s throw away. Convenience at its best!

10. Nova Mar Bella

Nova Mar Bella is another of Barcelona’s fabulous beach spots, especially for families. The sand here is oh-so-soft, making it perfect for kids wanting to roll around or build sand kingdoms. 

But the real highlight? The dedicated swimming zones. They ensure your tiny tots can enjoy the Mediterranean waters without any worries. 

And for the parents, the promenade is dotted with laid-back eateries. If you’re looking for a chilled spot where the little ones can play while you sit back with a cold drink in hand, this is the place to be.

Aerial view of the beautiful landscape of Barcelona at area Diagonal Mar. Llevant and Nova Mar Bella beaches with developed infrastructure, new high-rise buildings on a warm summer evening is One of the best Barcelona beaches for families.


Which beach is best for kids in Barcelona?

When it comes to the best beach for kids in Barcelona, my pick is Nova Icària. It’s got calm waters, a fab playground, and is close to Port Olímpic, which is full of entertainment options. It’s also easy to get to from the city center.

The thing with Barcelona is, it’s blessed with numerous family-friendly beaches. Nova Icària is just one of the gems. 

Depending on what you’re after, Bogatell offers activities galore, while Mar Bella has a dedicated kids’ area. 

The great thing about these beaches is their accessibility. You’re never too far from amenities, which is a lifesaver when you’ve got kids in tow.

Whichever you choose, you’re in for a sun-soaked, fun-packed day!

Is Barceloneta Beach good for kids?

Barceloneta is one of Barcelona’s most iconic beaches, and yes, kids love it. With its wide expanse of sand, there’s plenty of room for games and beach fun. However, if you want a calmer beach with less people, I’d suggest going to one that’s slightly further away, like Nova Icària.

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While Barceloneta is a hit among tourists and locals like and can get pretty packed (yep, if you want a chilled beach day, don’t come here), it’s also known for its vibrant atmosphere that kids adore. That said, it’s up to you as a parent if you’re ok bringing your kids here with all those people around as you’ll have to keep a fairly close eye on them.

But the beach is lined with playful sculptures, palm trees, and buzzing beach bars (perfect for grabbing a quick snack or drink).  Another perk? Its shallow waters make it safe for little ones.

Also, as it’s so close to the city center, you’ve got a ton of choices when it comes to hotels near Barceloneta beach

However, because of its popularity, my advice if you choose to go to Barceloneta with your family is to get there early to grab a prime spot. Once settled, you can relish the lively ambiance, watch street performers, and enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean views – and say a little prayer that you’re not going to be jammed in with everyone else in town in a few hours.

What is the cleanest beach in Barcelona for families?

Hands down, Ocata in El Masnou takes the prize for cleanliness! Just a short train ride from Barcelona, its golden sands and clear waters are impeccable. Families flock here, knowing they’re getting pristine conditions for their beach day.

The beauty of Ocata isn’t just skin deep. The local authorities work hard to maintain its cleanliness, making it a reliable choice for parents who prioritize hygiene. 

A girl with her bike in a bridge near Ocata in El Masnou is One of the best Barcelona beaches for families.

Plus, the clarity of the water is something out of a dream – you can easily keep an eye on the kiddos as they wade and play. 

And the town of El Masnou itself has a relaxed, family-friendly vibe. So, once you’re done soaking up the sun, exploring the local streets is a lovely way to wrap up your day.

Are Barcelona beaches swimmable for kids?

Absolutely, yes! Many of Barcelona’s beaches, like Nova Icària and Barceloneta, have calm and shallow waters, ideal for kids to swim. Plus, they’re monitored by lifeguards during peak times for added safety. And some, like Nova Mar Bella, even have dedicated swimming areas.

When you think Barcelona, think beaches that cater to all ages. The gentle Mediterranean waves are mostly kind, making it super inviting for young swimmers. 

However, always keep an eye out for the flag system: green means it’s safe to swim, yellow advises caution, and red means no swimming. 

Apart from the sea, the beach vibe is filled with fun. From beach games to ice cream vendors, there’s always something to keep the little ones entertained. Just remember the usual precautions: arm floaties for beginners, sunscreen, and hydration!

What is the safest beach in Barcelona for families?

If safety’s your top priority, head straight to Nova Icària. It’s calm, it’s monitored, and its waters are gentle – a trifecta for family beach days! Plus its proximity to Port Olímpic means it’s easily accessible (and easy to get home when energy runs low).

Nova Icària has long been a favorite among locals with kids, with the calm waters giving parents peace of mind. Moreover, the beach has designated swimming zones and lifeguards keeping a vigilant eye during the busier months. 

Besides its tranquil waters, the beach layout is such that you can easily spot your kids, whether they’re in the water or building epic sandcastles ashore. 

And when hunger strikes, the nearby chiringuitos offer kid-friendly menus. After a day here, your family will be beaming with sun-kissed memories!

Is it worth going to a Barcelona beach with kids?

It’s definitely worth going to a Barcelona beach with kids! They’re like an endless playground for kids with their golden sands, gentle waves, and so many activities. Just make sure you pick one that’s known for having enough space for your kids to run around and not get lost in the crowds.

Your little ones will have the time of their lives, and so will you. With the Mediterranean sun casting its glow, kids laughing and building sandcastles, and the backdrop of Barcelona’s vibrant city life, it’s a great mix of relaxation and fun. 

Besides the obvious beach activities, many of these coastal spots offer playgrounds and are close to restaurants that cater to tiny taste buds. 

And the cherry on top? The beaches here have a community feel, so it’s a great spot for the kids to make some holiday pals. 

So, pack that sunscreen, grab a beach ball, and get ready for a memorable family day out!

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