20 Best Barcelona Malls for Amazing Shopping (2024)

las Arenas as one of the best Barcelona malls for shopping
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Barcelona is much more than just its stunning architecture – it’s a paradise for shopping enthusiasts too. The city is dotted with some seriously good malls that offer a lot more than just a bunch of stores.

I live in Spain and have spent a good amount of time roaming around Barcelona. So I can tell you, it’s definitely worth hitting up one of these shopping centers from time to time (especially around the sales!)

So, what’s the big deal about these Barcelona malls and why should you check them out? Well, in this article, I’m going to walk you through the places that offer a unique blend of shopping, fun, and food, all under one roof.

Whether you’re a serious shopper or just looking for a place to hang out, these malls have something for everyone.

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  2. Flamenco Show at Tablao Flamenco Cordobes (incredible night out)
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🛏️ Top hotels in Barcelona

  1. Ohla Barcelona (5-star luxury with an amazing rooftop pool)
  2. Seventy Barcelona (boutique hotel with beautiful décor)
  3. Àmfores Boutique Guest House (great budget option with superb location)

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las Arenas as one of the best Barcelona malls for shopping

Best Barcelona malls

1. Arenas de Barcelona

If you find yourself in the heart of Barcelona, craving for a bit of retail therapy mixed with a touch of history, you can’t miss Las Arenas de Barcelona. Once a bullfighting ring, this spot has transformed into a modern shopping center with a twist. 

That’s right, they turned the past into the present while preserving its iconic circular structure. And aside from the regular big brands like Zara and Mango, Arenas de Barcelona also houses lesser-known Spanish brands, giving you a taste of the local fashion scene (and making it a great place to buy some Barcelona gifts while you’re here). 

Now, if shopping isn’t the only thing on your mind, head up to the rooftop. You’ll get a 360-degree view of the city, including Montjuïc and the Magic Fountain. 

There are also a handful of restaurants up there, in case all that shopping has you feeling a tad peckish.

The only downside? It can get a bit crowded on weekends. But hey, it’s a small price to pay for such an iconic shopping experience. 

Plus, you’re right next to Plaça Espanya, which means there’s plenty more to explore once you’ve had your fill of shopping.

2. Diagonal Mar

If you’re leaning towards something a bit more modern and closer to the beach, Diagonal Mar should be on your radar. 

Situated in the modern district of Diagonal Mar i Front Marítim del Poblenou (try saying that three times fast!), this mall is a modernist’s dream. With its sleek architecture and ample space, it offers a refreshing shopping experience.

So, what’s inside? Besides the obvious giants like H&M and Primark, you’ll also come across Desigual, a brand born and bred in Barcelona. Their vibrant patterns are bound to catch your eye. 

And for those who lean more towards luxury, there’s also a section of the mall dedicated to high-end brands.

Diagonal Mar shopping mall in Barcelona mall

A bonus for the families: Diagonal Mar has a park right next door. So if you’ve got little ones who are itching to stretch their legs, you’ve got the perfect spot. 

Not to mention, the beach is just a short walk away. Shopping, parks, and the beach? It’s a triple win.

However, a heads up for the eager shoppers: Being close to the beach means this mall is on many tourists’ radars. So, it might get a bit packed during the summer months. 

But if you ask me, a breezy beachside stroll after bagging some new additions to your wardrobe more than makes up for it.

3. Centro Comercial Glòries

Situated in the Sant Martí district, Les Glòries isn’t just any ordinary shopping center. With its unique open-air design, it feels like you’re strolling through a chic urban village rather than a traditional mall.

After all, when you come here, you’ll find yourself walking under the open sky, popping into stores that range from popular international brands to local artisans showing off their crafts. 

One minor drawback is the outdoor design might not be everyone’s cup of tea when the weather’s not playing nice. But rain or shine, there’s always something going on. 

From live performances to seasonal events, Las Glorias keeps the vibe lively.

4. L’Illa Diagonal

L’Illa Diagonal is right in the midst of the uptown hustle, meaning this mall often feels like the sophisticated older sibling in the family of Barcelona’s shopping centers. Its sleek, elongated design (it kinda looks like a ship!) makes it stand out and adds a touch of class to your shopping spree.

For the fashion-forward, you’ll be thrilled to discover some of Spain’s upscale brands like Adolfo Dominguez and Custo Barcelona. And if you want to indulge a bit, there’s also a section dedicated to even more luxurious names.

Foodies, take note: L’Illa isn’t just about shopping. It’s a gastronomic haven too. 

From gourmet patisseries to savory tapas joints, your taste buds are in for a ride. So, when you need a shopping break, there’s no shortage of places to grab a bite.

The only tiny hiccup? Given its posh location and brand lineup, things can get a tad pricey. But hey, window shopping amidst such elegance has its own charm, right?

5. Maremagnum

Let’s switch gears a bit and talk seaside shopping. Maremagnum, located right at Barcelona’s Port Vell, is where the city meets the sea, and trust me, it’s quite the experience. 

Shopping with the soft sound of waves and salty breeze? Yes, please! And as an added bonus (and unlike most other stores in Barcelona), it’s open on Sundays!

Centro Comercial Maremagnumin barcelona mall

Here’s what’s cool about Maremagnum: It’s not just the shopping, but the entire vibe. Located on a pier, you get those vacation feels while browsing through stores. 

Big names like Stradivarius and Pull&Bear have their spot here but, for the bookworms, Casa del Libro is a must-visit. A new book and the beach definitely sound like a day well spent.

One little tidbit to remember: Because of its dreamy location, Maremagnum attracts crowds, especially during those golden sunset hours. But with that view and ambiance, it’s kinda worth it. Plus, if you need a little breather, just step outside and feel that sea breeze!

6. La Maquinista

La Maquinista is located in Sant Andreu district and has an edgy, industrial feel — kind of like you’re shopping in a trendy factory…minus the grime and noise.

Now, here’s what sets La Maquinista apart: It’s the largest shopping center in Catalonia, and it’s open-air. This makes it incredibly spacious, with tree-lined pathways, meaning you feel like you’re shopping in a cool urban park. 

Unsurprisingly, they’ve got plenty of stores – in fact, thanks to its sheer scale, you’ll find this to be one of the best places for shopping in Barcelona. From Pull&Bear to Levi’s, and even Apple, your retail cravings will be satisfied. And for film buffs, the cinema here is top-notch. 

That said, given its size, you might want to wear your most comfy sneakers. And because it’s a tad away from the city center, consider checking the transport links or maybe even taking a cab.

7. El Corte Inglés

Let’s chat about the granddaddy of Spanish department stores – El Corte Inglés. If you’ve strolled around Plaça de Catalunya, you’ve probably seen its towering presence. It’s kind of a big deal around here.

El Corte Inglés isn’t just a store; it’s an institution. It covers pretty much everything — fashion, electronics, cosmetics, homeware…not forgetting the gourmet food section! 

I mean, if you’ve got a craving for fine Spanish ham, chocolates, or even some quality wine, this is your paradise.

Want a pro-tip? Head to the top floor. There’s a terrace that offers some seriously good views of the city. It’s a great spot for a coffee break!

Now, given its central location and vast offerings, it can be a magnet for crowds, especially during sales season. But honestly, it’s part of the El Corte Inglés experience.

And, with its multiple floors and sections, you’re bound to find a quiet corner somewhere.

8. La Roca Village

La Roca Village is located a bit outside the city, so it might require a short trip, but it’s definitely worth it! Imagine a charming village setting where the streets are lined with boutiques instead of regular houses.

Notably, La Roca is famous for offering top brands at discounted prices. Thinking Gucci, Versace, or Burberry without the hefty price tag? This is where you’ll find them. 

View of the Gucci store in barcelona malls

But it’s not just about international luxury brands. There’s also a fine mix of local Spanish designers showcasing their flair. Plus, the Village often hosts events and pop-up boutiques to spice things up a bit.

However, a tiny heads-up: since it’s outside Barcelona, planning your trip ahead can be beneficial. There are shuttle buses that can whisk you to the village, making the journey smooth.

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9. Portal de l’Àngel

Back to the heart of Barcelona is Portal de l’Àngel. It’s not a mall, per se, but a pedestrian shopping street that’s always buzzing. 

Lined with historic buildings, this street is a beautiful blend of Barcelona’s rich history and modern retail therapy.

You’ll find a range of stores here – from the big names like Zara and Mango to local boutiques offering unique pieces. Oh, and if you’re into shoes, Camper and Pretty Ballerinas are two Spanish brands you might want to check out.

But here’s the charm of Portal de l’Àngel: It’s not just about shopping. With street musicians playing tunes and locals going about their day, there’s a lively atmosphere that captures the essence of Barcelona. 

The flip side? Yep, it can get crowded, especially on weekends. But then again, that’s part of the city’s charm!

10. El Triangle

Right in Plaça de Catalunya, smack dab in the heart of the city, sits El Triangle. Now, I know what you’re thinking: With so many massive shopping centers in Barcelona, why bother with this comparatively smaller spot? 

Well, El Triangle might not be sprawling, but its location is prime. You’ve just strolled down La Rambla, you’re headed to the Gothic Quarter, and boom, there it is – waiting for a quick shopping detour. 

It houses FNAC, which is basically a haven for tech lovers, music enthusiasts, and bookworms. Sephora’s also in the mix for beauty aficionados, ensuring you’re glowing for your vacay photos.

A little caution: Because of its central location, it can get a bit busy, especially during the typical after-work hours. But hey, it’s Barcelona; a little crowd never hurt anyone, right?

11. Pedralbes Centre

Moving away from the heart of the city, let’s head uptown. Pedralbes Centre, situated in the swanky Les Corts district, offers a more relaxed and upscale shopping experience.

This isn’t your everyday mall – it’s got this elegant vibe which makes you want to dress up just a tad bit more before heading in.

The store selection here is a mix of international and local names. Adolfo Dominguez, for instance, offers chic Spanish designs that’ll have you turning heads. 

Interior of the mall in barcelona malls

There’s also a gourmet market inside, where you can pick up some fancy eats or maybe even a bottle of good ol’ Spanish wine.

On the flip side, its posh setting means some of the items might have a higher price tag. But if you’re in the mood to spoil yourself (or someone else), Pedralbes Centre is where it’s at.

12. Gran Via 2

Gran Via 2, in the L’Hospitalet district, is an architectural piece of art. With its skylight ceiling, there’s a spacious, airy feel that’s a breath of fresh air (pun intended) when compared to some indoor malls.

This Barcelona shopping mall boasts over 200 shops, ranging from big brand names to some funky Spanish originals. 

You’ve got the famous Spanish brand Desigual, where color meets fashion in a playful dance. And for the tech geeks, Media Markt is a must-visit, with all the latest gadgets in one place.

But shopping isn’t the only thing on the menu. The mall has a cinema, and get this, a mini-golf course! Yes, you heard it right. So after a bit of shopping, why not challenge your mates to a game?

One downside is that it’s a tad away from the city center. But with its own metro station, reaching Gran Via 2 is still pretty easy. Plus, less touristy means more space for you!

13. Viladecans The Style Outlets

If there’s one thing better than shopping, it’s shopping at discounted prices. And that’s where Viladecans The Style Outlets enters the chat. 

Located just outside Barcelona, it’s the kind of place where you can snag fantastic deals on premium brands. Think high-end names like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and Lacoste but with price tags that won’t give you heart palpitations. 

Not to mention, it’s not all about international brands, as there are plenty of Spanish brands flaunting their goods too.

The setting is modern and open, perfect for leisurely strolls as you hop from one store to another. They also host seasonal events which can make your shopping experience even more fun.

The only drawback is that it’s not exactly in the heart of Barcelona. You might need to dedicate a half-day for this shopping adventure, considering the travel time. 

But for the deals and unique finds, it’s worth the little detour.

14. Galeries Maldà

Ever wanted to experience shopping in a place that feels like a well-kept local secret? Enter Galeries Maldà

This spot is tucked away in the Barri Gòtic area and carries an old-world charm with it. Imagine strolling through a historic passageway, only to find little shops selling everything from quirky souvenirs to artisanal crafts.

One of the cool things about Galeries Maldà is that it’s home to a mishmash of independent stores. You won’t find the massive commercial brands here, but rather small boutiques that bring a personal touch to everything they sell. 

People walking in bari gothic in barcelona malls

Basically, it’s the place you head to when you want to bring back something truly unique from your travels.

Unfortunately, due to its hidden nature, it can be easy to miss. Keep your eyes peeled, and if you spot a classic-looking arcade, you’re probably in the right place.

15. Splau

Moving on from the heart of the city, Splau offers a contemporary shopping ambiance over in Cornellà de Llobregat. This open-air complex is where modern architecture meets retail goodness. 

With its terraced design, you can expect lots of natural light and fresh air as you wander from store to store.

Brands like Zara, Pull & Bear, and Bershka hold their ground here, making it a solid choice for fashion-forward folks. But it’s not just about clothes; there’s a decent chunk dedicated to eateries and entertainment. 

Oh, and for football enthusiasts, RCD Espanyol’s stadium is just a stone’s throw away. Maybe squeeze in a match after your shopping spree?

Being a bit outside the main city, getting to Splau might need a tad bit of planning, especially if you’re relying on public transport. But the variety and vibe of the place make the journey totally worth it.

16. Barnasud

Let’s head a bit south of the main hustle and bustle of Barcelona to Gavà. Here, we find Barnasud, a shopping center that locals often sneak off to for a bit of relaxed retail therapy. 

With its mix of known Spanish brands and international ones, it offers a well-rounded shopping experience. 

Fashionistas can find their groove with stores like Mango, Stradivarius, and Massimo Dutti. And if you’re in the mood for a movie, Barnasud boasts a cinema where you can catch the latest releases.

And after your shopping spree, if you want a bit of nature, the beautiful Gavà beach isn’t too far off. It makes for a perfect day of shopping and beach relaxation.

Sure, it’s a bit of a journey from central Barcelona. But if you ask me, the change of pace is refreshing and absolutely worth the extra minutes.

17. Heron City

If you’re hunting for a combo of shopping, dining, and entertainment in one cool spot, Heron City in the Nou Barris district is your jam.

From trendy fashion outlets like Pull & Bear and H&M to cool places to grab a bite, it’s easy to spend an entire day here. Oh, and for those with kiddos (or if you’re a kid at heart), there’s a fantastic bowling alley and various amusement rides.

H and M Hennes and Mauritz AB is a Swedish multinational retail-clothing company, known for its fast-fashion clothing inbarcelona mall

One thing that’s great about Heron City is its vibe during the evenings. As the sun sets, the whole place lights up, with lively music playing, making it a super chill place to hang out with friends or family.

But, and there’s always a but, right? Being a popular spot, it can get a bit crowded, especially during weekends. So, if you’re someone who loves a quieter shopping experience, you might want to plan your visit on a weekday.

18. Sants Estacio Shopping

Every city has that handy shopping spot right near a major transport hub, making it super convenient, right? Well, for Barcelona, that’s the Sants Estacio Shopping right inside the Sants railway station. 

Yep, it’s right there, making it perfect for those last-minute grabs or for killing time before your train departure.

You might wonder, “Can a station-based shopping mall really offer that much?” Oh, trust me, it does. 

From trendy clothing brands like Desigual to that essential Spanish souvenir shop, it has quite a bit packed in. And, of course, there are cafes where you can savor a café con leche while watching the world go by (or kill time waiting for your train to leave).

Of course, being in a train station means it can be a tad more bustling than your average mall. And while it’s incredibly convenient, it might not offer the extensive selection of a stand-alone mall. But for convenience and efficiency, it’s top-notch!

19. Centre Comercial Serradell

Last on my list, let’s venture a tad off the beaten track to Badalona, where Centre Comercial Serradell awaits. Not ringing a bell? That’s alright – it’s very much a local place.

Badalona is like Barcelona’s chill cousin and Serradell mirrors that vibe completely. It’s spacious, less crowded, and offers a selection of both international and local brands. 

If you’re looking for a day where shopping goes hand in hand with a bit of serenity, this is the place.

The mall also features some great eateries, boasting both local Catalan dishes and international flavors. Plus, for those into sports, there’s an awesome sports complex adjacent to it. 

Ok, so it’s a bit out of central Barcelona, meaning you’d need to plan your visit. But sometimes, getting away from the central city crowd is precisely what you need!

20. El Centre de la Vila

El Centre de la Vila, located in Barcelona’s Vila Olímpica area, isn’t the largest mall you’ll find in the city, but it’s got its charm, particularly because of its proximity to Port Olympic and the sea. This means you can enjoy a bit of shopping and then head out to relax by the water – a combination that’s hard to beat on a sunny day in Barcelona.

There’s a good mix of fashion, beauty, and food shops, making it a convenient spot for picking up a few things on the weekend or even after a day at the beach. And if you’re into water sports or just need some new swim gear, you’re in luck – some of the shops specialize in water and sports-related products, which makes sense given its location.

It’s also a place where you won’t feel overwhelmed by crowds, unlike some of the bigger malls in the city. The atmosphere is more laid-back, which I think reflects the overall vibe of the Vila Olímpica neighborhood.

Whether you’re a local looking for a quiet place to shop or a visitor wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of the city center for a few hours, El Centre de la Vila offers that respite.

Which is the biggest mall in Barcelona?

La Maquinista is the biggest mall in Barcelona. It’s expansive, covering over 250,000 square meters with more than 230 stores. It also includes 13 cinema screens inside it along with a variety of food areas throughout the shopping center.

If size impresses you, then this place certainly won’t disappoint. You’ll have the chance to dive into its three floors filled with all sorts of shops, eateries, and entertainment options. 

There’s practically every international brand you can think of and, of course, local favorites too. After hours of shopping, you can catch a movie in its cinema or just relax in its open-air zones. 

Given its sheer size, it’s always a good idea to wear comfy shoes if you do choose to come here – there’s a lot of ground to cover!

What is the most famous shopping street in Barcelona?

Passeig de Gràcia is easily the most famous shopping street in Barcelona. This grand boulevard in the heart of the city is Barcelona’s most renowned shopping street. It’s vibrant, bustling, and the perfect mix of modern retail and historical charm.

Walking down Passeig de Gràcia feels like you’re in a fashion show. From high-street to high-end, it’s all there. 

But that’s not all – as you stroll, you’ll also come across architectural marvels like Casa Batlló and La Pedrera by Antoni Gaudí. It’s shopping with a side of culture, the Barcelona way!

Where is the best place to shop in Barcelona for luxury shopping?

The best place to shop in Barcelona for luxury shopping is Avenue Diagonal. It’s Barcelona’s answer to Paris’s Champs-Élysées or New York’s Fifth Avenue. Opulence and elegance greet you at every turn with boutiques from the world’s most prestigious fashion houses. 

Think Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and so on. The street also boasts luxury interior design stores and exclusive jewelers. 

And once you’re done shopping, indulge in some gourmet food or sip on some fine wine at the swanky restaurants and bars that dot the avenue.

The mall El Corte Ingles, Barcelona

What is the biggest mall in Catalonia?

The biggest mall in Catalonia is La Maquinista. This shopping mall is also the biggest one in Barcelona at over 250,000 square meters in area and it’s open-air, making it feel incredibly spacious. Its tree lined pathways lead you to over 230 stores and 13 cinema screens inside.

For anyone who’s looking for a shopping day out, La Maquinista will more than meet your needs. As mentioned above though, make sure you bring comfy stores for all that walking – this mall is seriously big.

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