20 Best Vegan Restaurants in Barcelona (2024)

inside one of the best vegan restaurants in Barcelona, Spain
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Barcelona is a city that’s known for its culinary diversity, and that includes some fantastic vegan options. Whether you’re a full-time vegan or just looking to try some plant-based cuisine, you’ll find plenty of delicious choices here.

I live in Spain and have spent a good amount of time in Barcelona, exploring its vibrant food scene – and I must say, the vegan restaurants here are something special.

But what makes these vegan spots in Barcelona a must-visit, even for those who aren’t strictly plant-based eaters?

Stick around, because I’m about to guide you through the city’s best vegan restaurants – places that will surprise you with their creativity, flavors, and how they make plant-based dining an absolute delight.

Best vegan restaurants in Barcelona

1. Cactus Cat

If you’re looking for a top-rated vegan restaurant in Barcelona, Cactus Cat is the place to be. This cozy spot offers an eco-friendly and community-driven dining experience, serving up delicious Spanish and American specialties.

Located in the El Raval neighborhood, it’s perfect for both tourists and locals alike. And even better – their menu boasts a wide array of options, from loaded nachos to mouth-watering vegan burgers.

cat  sitting in a cactus
This isn’t really what Cactus Cat (the restaurant) looks like – but I found this picture and it’s too cute not to use, so here we are.

You’ll also find a selection of Spanish starters, allowing you to indulge in an authentic experience while staying true to your plant-based diet.

Cactus Cat isn’t just a regular restaurant – it’s an establishment that is deeply committed to sustainability and giving back to the community. They source their ingredients from local stores and eco-friendly suppliers, ensuring you can savor their dishes without an ounce of guilt.

2. Vegan Junk Food Bar

If you’re looking for a fun and tasty vegan experience, you’ll definitely want to check out the Vegan Junk Food Bar in Barcelona, a chain restaurant originally from the Netherlands that specializes in vegan fast food. Located in the artistic district of El Born, this restaurant has quickly become popular among both locals and tourists alike.

Their menu offers a broad range of vegan alternatives to classic fast food dishes, such as burgers, hot dogs, and fries. Plus, the atmosphere at Vegan Junk Food Bar is lively and inviting, with graffiti walls, interesting furniture, and early 2000s music playing in the background.

a vegan restaurant in Barcelona

You’ll appreciate their commitment to sustainability and the use of organic ingredients in their recipes. In addition to their main dishes, you can also indulge in delicious vegan desserts like cheesecake and other treats.

What sets this restaurant apart from other vegan establishments is its focus on providing vegan food that is both exciting and satisfying to all types of eaters. Some must-try items include vegan tapas, gyozas, cauliflower popcorn, and, of course, their highly acclaimed vegan cheesecake.

3. Cat Bar Barcelona

You may find your next favorite vegan spot at Cat Bar Barcelona, the city’s first-ever vegan restaurant. They continue to stand out, offering an impressive array of delicious dishes. This trailblazing eatery is perfect for travelers seeking vegan, cruelty-free cuisine.

As one of the best restaurants in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, Cat Bar is known for its diverse menu that includes vegan tortillas, quiche, burgers, sausages, and all-day breakfasts served with thick English chips. You’ll also love their homemade cakes, bread, and smoothies – all available until closing time.

Whether you’re a resident or just visiting, Cat Bar will quickly become your go-to vegan restaurant in the city. After all, apart from its scrumptious food, Cat Bar maintains a strong sense of community that you’ll appreciate.

Keep this gem in mind when planning your Barcelona itinerary, especially given how closely it’s located to some of the major tourist spots in the city.

4. Roots and Rolls

If you’re looking for tasty vegan sushi and Asian-inspired dishes, Roots and Rolls is the perfect spot in Barcelona. This plant-based restaurant specializes in Japanese and tapas fusion cuisine, offering an extensive menu filled with innovative vegan options.

Located in the vibrant Eixample neighborhood, it’s an excellent choice for vegans and non-vegans alike. That’s because, at Roots and Rolls, you can indulge in appetizing starters such as loaded nachos, along with mouthwatering vegan sushi rolls.

While the dishes are mainly Japanese-inspired, you’ll also come across Swiss, Chinese, and other diverse flavors on the menu. For health-conscious diners, the restaurant aims to create dishes with fresh ingredients sourced from local markets.

Roots and Rolls Vegan  is one of the best vegan restaurant in Barcelona

While the main focus is on dining, some options for a more comprehensive experience include vegan spa retreats. The Roots and Rolls Vegan Spa package, for instance, combines a jacuzzi session and massage with a six-course tasting menu, making it perfect for a special occasion or a relaxing treat.

With its friendly atmosphere and convenient location, it’s no surprise that Roots and Rolls is a popular destination among both local and visiting vegans.

5. Flax & Kale

Flax & Kale is one of Barcelona’s top vegan-friendly dining spots offering a variety of healthy, tasty, and sustainable dishes. It’s an excellent choice for brunch or lunch, with vegan and flexitarian options including tapas, smoothies, and organic ingredients.

You’ll find a ton of creative and delicious plant-based dishes here that cater to your taste buds and nutritional needs. In fact, the unique combination of flavors caters to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian diners and leaves you wanting more.

Located in El Raval, and with additional outlets close to Gaudi’s architectural masterpieces and La Rambla, this café and fusion restaurant has garnered rave reviews for its blend of Mediterranean, European, and Mexican influences.

I’d suggest starting your day at Flax & Kale with their signature smoothie bowls or indulge in some of their hearty lunch options, like the quinoa salad or chickpea burger. Don’t forget to explore their mouthwatering vegan sweet treats – they’re the perfect accompaniment to your meal.

6. Teresa Carles

If you’re looking for a top-rated vegan-friendly restaurant in Barcelona, Teresa Carles is a must-visit. With a focus on healthy, Spanish-inspired cuisine, they offer a variety of salads, starters, and specialties to satisfy your plant-based cravings.

Their chef, Teresa Carles Borràs, has over 35 years of experience in running this primarily vegetarian restaurant in Barcelona, although she’s also honed her craft in preparing delicious vegan dishes too. But it’s not just about the food as, here, you’ll discover an inviting atmosphere, friendly staff, and wonderful service as you enjoy your dining experience.

Their vegan menu includes a huge range of delicious options and they can also accommodate any dietary restrictions by providing gluten-free options and a variety of vegetarian dishes.

food bar in one of the best vegan restaurant in Barcelona

7. Monchito

If you’re craving Mexican cuisine with a vegan twist, Monchito Vegan Taqueria is the place to be. This unique eatery, located in the Barrio Gótico of Barcelona, is proud to be the first vegan taqueria in Europe.

They offer a variety of classic Mexican dishes, all prepared with 100% vegan ingredients. That includes tacos and loaded nachos, as well as some delicious dessert offerings like vegan cheesecake.

In fact, Monchito’s dessert menu offers a selection of mouthwatering vegan options that will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth.

8. Eqvilibrivm Café

If you’re looking for a cozy spot to enjoy a delicious vegan brunch, you’ve got to check out Eqvilibrivm Café. Located in the heart of Barcelona’s Eixample district, this café offers a wide variety of plant-based dishes to satisfy your cravings.

They pride themselves on creating everything from scratch, including their vegan cheeses, ferments, and pickles, ensuring the highest quality and taste. You’ll also find other mouth-watering options such as pancakes, porridge, and the ever-popular avocado toast.

Want something more substantial to fuel your day? You can’t go wrong with a full English breakfast or a fresh salad made with quinoa and other nutritious ingredients.

a cool vegan restaurant in Barcelona

And if you’re in the mood for a sweet treat, indulge in one of their delightful vegan cakes or cheesecakes. Whichever you choose, while you’re enjoying your meal, you can also sip on a variety of refreshing juices or smoothies from their extensive menu.

If you’re a fan of sustainability, you’ll love their commitment to eco-friendly practices like sourcing locally-grown and organic ingredients whenever possible.

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9. Blu Bar

If you’re looking for a vegan restaurant in Barcelona that offers a variety of options, Blu Bar is right up your alley. With its nautical-themed setting, this spot ranks among the top-rated vegan-friendly eateries in the city.

It boasts a vast selection of dishes, satisfying everyone’s cravings for pizza, burgers, tapas, and more. But you’ll also find Mediterranean, Indian, and even Swiss cuisines served with a vegan twist, making it a local favorite.

Check out their starters like vegan nachos or try one of their vegan sandwiches. Their summer-themed bar adds to the appeal, providing a delightful vibe to indulge in their scrumptious, 100% plant-based offerings.

10. Bubita Sangria Bar

If you’re after tasty vegan tapas and refreshing sangria, Bubita Sangria Bar is the place to visit in Barcelona. Known for its house specialties like a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic sangrias, vegan cheese, and paella, this cozy spot offers a full plant-based menu to satisfy any palette.

Located in El Born, it’s a great place to experience authentic Spanish cuisine with a local, community feel. The menu features a unique selection of vegan tapas and starters, including some of your favorite Spanish dishes reinvented for a plant-based diet.

You’ll be intrigued by the creative dishes and bold flavors, which make use of ingredients like Santa Vegana, a special vegan cheese. Additionally, they offer some sushi options, showcasing their culinary diversity.

With a focus on locally sourced and organic ingredients, Bubita Sangria Bar takes pride in providing high-quality, sustainable food options for the environmentally conscious diner. You’ll also enjoy their selection of organic local wines, which perfectly complement their menu.

11. Les Très Gourmets

You’ll find Les Très Gourmets to be a wonderful vegan option in Barcelona, offering a great variety of plant-based dishes. Situated in the Sant Antoni area, this vegan restaurant is a perfect spot for indulging in delicious burgers and tapas combined with a healthy and sustainable menu.

Les Très Gourmets is known for its fresh salads, providing you with a lighter choice amidst the decadent options. Their dedication to sustainability can also be seen in their use of local and seasonal ingredients.

a beautiful and peaceful vegan restaurant in Barcelona

Don’t forget to treat yourself to some of their incredible desserts, like their rich and indulgent vegan cheesecake. That said, aside from their dessert offerings, you can also enjoy mouthwatering burgers that will satisfy your cravings.

The cozy atmosphere and friendly service make it a noteworthy addition to the vegetarian and vegan restaurant scene in Barcelona.

12. Honest Greens

Honest Greens offers a wide variety of plant-based options to satisfy your hunger and fuel your body. This eco-friendly eatery focuses on ethically sourced and organic ingredients, which makes it a top choice for vegan cuisine in Barcelona.

You’ll find an assortment of dishes at Honest Greens, including salads, sushi, and international flavors. The menu caters to various dietary needs, with vegetarian, gluten-free, and even healthy juice options available.

Located on La Rambla, Honest Greens is easily accessible to travelers and locals alike. With its healthy and delicious meals, this restaurant is an excellent spot to recharge during your explorations around the city.

13. Chez Kessler

Located in the Eixample neighborhood, Chez Kessler is a vegan-friendly spot offers a diverse mix of European and Spanish dishes showcasing the versatility of plant-based ingredients. They’re acclaimed for their commitment to sustainability and focus on using local produce.

From mouth-watering Spanish dishes like quinoa paella to delectable French-inspired creations, there’s something for everyone at Chez Kessler. Pizza lovers won’t be disappointed either, with a variety of vegan slices on offer.

a vegan restaurant in Barcelona with plants inside

And if you’re craving something unique, why not try their Not-Ham-Mock Juice Station, which serves refreshing cold-pressed juices and smoothies? In addition, besides their impressive vegan menu, Chez Kessler also stands out for its welcoming atmosphere and attentive service.

When you visit, be sure to explore the vibrant nearby markets where many of the restaurant’s ingredients are sourced. With Chez Kessler as your base, you’ll find it easy to immerse yourself in the rich plant-based food scene that Barcelona offers.

14. Demasié

If you’re craving some sweet vegan treats in Barcelona, Demasié should be at the top of your list. This cozy café in El Born / La Ribera offers a variety of delicious vegan and vegetarian options.

Their cinnamon buns, in particular, have been a favorite of many since early 2020. However, Demasié offers more than just pastries, as their menu includes satisfying breakfast and drinks as well.

During your visit, make sure to also try their European and Italian-inspired vegan starters. With a location that’s not too far from the bustling street of La Rambla, it’s a super convenient choice for visitors.

15. Gallo Santo

Gallo Santo is a must-visit vegan restaurant in Barcelona that offers delicious Mexican-inspired cuisine packed with unique vegan options. The restaurant, situated in the Gracia neighborhood, combines Mexican flavors with creative vegan tacos and nachos.

The menu at Gallo Santo has a variety of dishes designed to cater to the diverse tastes of the vegan community. From Asian-inspired options like tofu dishes to Indian-influenced curries, the restaurant ensures you won’t be short of choices.

an aesthetic looking vegan restaurant in Barcelona

It’s important to mention their mouth-watering tapas selection, too, offering a fun and social dining experience. In fact, while Gallo Santo is known for its Mexican and vegan specialties, they don’t shy away from incorporating fusion cuisine, blending flavors from Chinese and other global culinary styles.

If you’re visiting Sant Antoni or La Riera, don’t miss out on this gem of a restaurant. Their vegan options, coupled with their commitment to fostering a welcoming community, make Gallo Santo a popular spot for both vegans and non-vegans alike.

16. La Riera

If you’re searching for a lovely vegan dining experience in Barcelona, La Riera is a great choice. This Mediterranean-style restaurant offers a variety of delicious plant-based dishes that cater to both vegans and vegetarians.

The menu at La Riera is known for its diverse offerings, featuring options such as pizza, quinoa dishes, and French-Swiss fusion cuisine. Whether you’re a local or a tourist exploring Barcelona’s thriving culinary scene, this spot has something for everyone.

Beyond their mouthwatering dishes, La Riera also offers convenient access to nearby stores and markets. This makes it an ideal spot to dine and then browse for unique, local goods to take home as souvenirs. With its combination of tasty food, charming ambiance, and convenient location, La Riera is a must-visit vegan restaurant in Barcelona.

17. Little Fern Cafe

If you’re searching for a creative spin on traditional breakfast and brunch options, Little Fern Cafe should be on your list of top vegan restaurants in Barcelona. This cozy cafe specializes in plant-based, New Zealand-style dishes with international twists.

a plant on the table

As a vegan or vegetarian, you’ll find plenty of choices to satisfy your palate. The menu boasts a variety of healthy, delicious options such as smoothies, juices, and a wide range of plant-based meals.

It’s worth noting that they also cater to special diets, offering vegetarian-friendly, vegan, and gluten-free options. Located in the Poblenou neighborhood, Little Fern offers a relaxing and natural ambience for your dining experience.

18. Sopa

When you’re looking for a fantastic dining experience in Barcelona, head to Sopa. This charming vegetarian restaurant is perfect for vegans, offering a delightful menu that caters to diverse tastes.

Located in Poblenou, an exciting spot in the city, it’s the perfect destination for your plant-based cravings. Their menu offers a variety of delicious options, ranging from organic pizzas to Mediterranean-inspired dishes.

Plus, if you’re a fan of gluten-free options, Sopa’s got you covered as well. Their starters are simply mouth-watering, setting the tone for a memorable meal.

Since you’re in Spain, why not indulge in some local flavors? Sopa offers some of the best vegan versions of Spanish and Mediterranean dishes, with a touch of la Riera-style cuisine. You might also find some French influences sprinkled throughout the menu if you look hard enough…

19. Loncheria Barcelona

You’ll love Loncheria Barcelona for its spacious and welcoming atmosphere, where tasty vegan and vegetarian dishes abound. The friendly owner ensures a great dining experience, and with a variety of delicious foods, you’re sure to want to return.

Give their guacamole a try – it’s a crowd favorite! Alternatively, for vegetarians, their pizza is another fantastic option that’s worth a taste.

al fresco dining of one of the best vegan restaurant in Barcelona

Their gyozas also get rave reviews, so don’t miss out on trying this flavorful dish. On the other hand, if pizza and gyozas aren’t your style, don’t worry, there’s plenty more on the menu to cater to various tastes.

Finish off your meal with some irresistible sweet treats from their dessert selection. There’s something for everyone at Loncheria Barcelona, making it a must-visit vegan and vegetarian spot in the city.

20. Areca Bakery

Areca Bakery is a must-visit destination for vegan food lovers in Barcelona. Being a 100% vegan bakery, their menu offers an abundant range of delicious plant-based options.

You’ll find yourself craving their cinnamon rolls, Nutella donuts, and brownie donuts! At the same time, there are also some great savory options too – meaning whatever you’re in the mood for, Areca has you covered!

Beyond baked goods and desserts, Areca Bakery takes pride in delivering high-quality food experiences to its customers. With rave reviews, it’s evident that they have earned their place as one of the top vegan bakeries in Barcelona.

Is Barcelona vegan friendly?

Yes, Barcelona is vegan-friendly. The city boasts a variety of vegan and vegetarian eateries, with more opening every day as more spots look to cater to the increasing amount of people choosing a plant-based diet. Many mainstream restaurants also offer vegan options on their menus.

In recent years, Barcelona has seen a surge in its vegan and vegetarian culinary scene. As a cosmopolitan city and major tourist destination, Barcelona is keen on catering to a diverse range of dietary preferences.

a quiet place in the restaurant

So whether it’s traditional Catalan dishes that have been veganized or international vegan cuisines, there’s something for everyone. While veganism might not be as deep-rooted in Spanish culture as in some other countries, the movement has gained significant traction in Barcelona.

Furthermore, there are numerous health food stores and supermarkets with extensive vegan sections, making it easy for travelers and residents alike to find vegan groceries.

Which city in Spain has the best vegan food?

Madrid and Barcelona are often cited as the cities with the best vegan food in Spain. The capital city has seen a rapid growth in vegan eateries and offers a wide range of options for vegan diners. Similarly, Barcelona’s cosmopolitan nature has seen an increase in plant-based options.

You can check out my top picks for vegan spots in the rest of this article above. But when it comes to Madrid, being the capital and a cultural melting pot, it’s welcomed the vegan movement with open arms.

Streets like Calle Pelayo in the Chueca district are lined with vegan and vegetarian restaurants, bakeries, and shops.

From traditional Spanish dishes that have been given a vegan twist to innovative fusion cuisines, Madrid is a haven for vegan gourmands. Additionally, the city hosts vegan fairs and events periodically, which serve as a testament to its thriving vegan community.

Is Barcelona good for vegan food?

Absolutely! Barcelona is not only friendly towards vegans but also offers an impressive array of vegan culinary delights. The city seamlessly blends traditional Spanish flavors with vegan principles, with more options becoming available every day for those looking to eat a plant-based diet.

The rise of veganism in Barcelona is intertwined with its creative spirit and diverse population. Barcelona’s El Raval and Gràcia districts are particularly known for their bohemian vibes and house numerous vegan-friendly establishments.

Tapas bars, which are a hallmark of Spanish culture, have also begun to feature vegan tapas prominently. While some establishments are exclusively vegan or vegetarian, many regular restaurants are incorporating vegan dishes into their menu, ensuring that vegans have a multitude of choices when dining out.

reception area of one of the best vegan restaurant in Barcelona

What do vegans eat in Spain?

Vegans in Spain enjoy a range of foods, both traditional and innovative. Typical vegan dishes include gazpacho (cold tomato soup), paella made without seafood or meat, and pisto (Spanish ratatouille). In addition, vegan versions of traditional dishes are increasingly common.

The beauty of Spanish cuisine lies in its regional variations, and this extends to vegan options as well. For instance, the region of Andalusia is known for its salmorejo, a cold tomato-based soup, which can easily be made vegan.

Tapas, small appetizer-like dishes that are often shared among friends, have also seen a vegan revolution. Choices like olives, patatas bravas (spicy potatoes), and albondigas (meatballs) made with plant-based ingredients are becoming more prevalent.

Similarly, desserts like flan and churros, which traditionally contain dairy and eggs, now have vegan alternatives in many establishments. Furthermore, the proliferation of health-conscious cafes and restaurants in major cities means that dishes like avocado toast, acai bowls, and vegan burgers are readily available.

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