10 Best Areas for Street Art in Barcelona (+ Famous Artists)

Example of some of the best street art in Barcelona,
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Barcelona’s streets are more than just pathways – they’re a sprawling canvas showcasing some of the most electrifying street art. From the hidden alleys of El Raval to the industrial backdrop of Poblenou, every corner has a visual story to tell.

As someone who lives in Spain and spends a lot of time in Barcelona, I’ve witnessed firsthand how these vibrant artworks breathe life into the city’s urban landscape.

Barcelona’s street art here isn’t just about adding splashes of color to the walls – it’s a reflection of the city’s soul, often echoing the voices and sentiments of its residents. Come and check out just how to discover the best of the city’s most colorful streets, uncovering the tales and talents behind these urban gems.

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Where is the best street art in Barcelona?

1. Street art in El Raval

El Raval, with its vibrant and sometimes raw energy, is a real treasure trove for street art lovers. As you wander through its alleys, you’ll come across a variety of murals that capture the essence of this eclectic neighborhood and which show why this part of town is so good for street photography in Barcelona.

example of urban art in Barcelona

Raval Street Art and Graffiti Guided Tour

Take a guided tour of the absolute best street art in Barcelona, letting you discover the city’s hidden gems and incredible artists in Raval’s street art scene.

One must-see piece is a large mural by the world-renowned artist ROA, located near Carrer de la Cera. ROA is famous for his monochromatic, lifelike animal depictions, and this particular mural featuring a towering rabbit is no exception. I

Another standout is a striking mural by Miss Van, situated on Carrer de Joaquín Costa. Known for her sensual and feminine figures, this mural showcases her signature style with a modern, urban twist. It’s a beautiful representation of strength and vulnerability.

If you’re into something more abstract, check out the works near Carrer dels Àngels. This area is dotted with pieces that play with geometric shapes and vibrant colors, offering a different flavor of street art.

2. Jardin de les Tres Xemeneies

The Jardin de les Tres Xemeneies, or Garden of the Three Chimneys, is a unique spot. This urban park, adorned with three striking chimneys and a sort of hidden gem in Barcelona for tourists, is a legal graffiti space, making it a constantly evolving exhibition of local talent.

The famous Jardin de les Tres Xemeneies. One of the best street art in Barcelona.
Source : Canaan (CC BY-SA 3.0)

What makes it so special is the freedom and creativity it offers to artists – anything goes here!

You’ll see a range of styles and techniques, from classic graffiti to modern abstract pieces. The park’s industrial backdrop adds an edgy feel to the artworks, making it a must-visit for anyone interested in the urban art scene.

Plus, the chance to catch artists in action is pretty cool – it’s like watching a live painting show!

3. Street art in Poblenou

Poblenou, with its industrial past and contemporary flair, offers an entirely different street art experience. The large murals here are not just art; they’re a dialogue with the neighborhood’s history.

One of the highlights is a stunning mural by Axel Void on Carrer de Pallars. This piece, part of his “Mediocre” series, depicts an everyday scene in a hyper-realistic style, inviting onlookers to find beauty in the mundane aspects of life.

On Carrer de Badajoz, near the Glòries area, you’ll find an awe-inspiring mural by the artist duo PichiAvo. Renowned for their fusion of classical art and modern graffiti, this piece brilliantly combines elements of Greek mythology with contemporary urban art, creating a visual spectacle that’s both historical and modern.

Street art in Poblenou. One of the best street art Barcelona.

Another fascinating piece to look out for is on Carrer de Llull, created by El Xupet Negre, a local icon in the Barcelona street art scene. Known for his distinctive pacifier (or ‘xupet’ in Catalan) symbol, this mural weaves in elements of the neighborhood’s industrial roots with a playful, colorful design.

4. Street art in the Gothic Quarter

The Gothic Quarter, with its narrow, winding streets and historic charm, might not be the first place you’d think to find street art. But look closer, and you’ll discover a hidden world of artistic expression.

This area blends the old with the new, creating a fascinating backdrop for street art.

One of the standout pieces is located on Carrer dels Escudellers. Here, you’ll find a mural that beautifully integrates with the Gothic architecture, creating a mesmerizing contrast between the ancient and the modern.

This piece, created by a local artist, uses vibrant colors and bold lines to tell a story that feels both timeless and contemporary.

Another must-see is near Plaça del Pi, where a small but impactful piece by a rising street artist captures the essence of Barcelona’s urban culture. The artwork, though smaller than some of the giant murals in other neighborhoods, stands out for its intricate detailing and creative use of space.

5. Street art in El Born

El Born is where the city’s medieval history meets its trendy present. This neighborhood is buzzing with creative energy, and its street art scene is a testament to that.

On Carrer de la Princesa, there’s a stunning mural by a well-known international artist. This piece features a fusion of abstract and figurative elements, playing with textures and layers to create a visually captivating experience.

Street art in El Born. One of the best street art in Barcelona.

The artwork reflects the dynamic and artistic spirit of El Born, making it a perfect representation of the neighborhood.

Another gem is found on Passeig del Born. Here, an extensive mural stretches across several buildings, creating an expansive canvas that tells the story of the neighborhood’s cultural and historical journey.

The mural’s vivid colors and expressive style draw you in, making you feel like a part of the art itself.

6. Street art in Gràcia

Gràcia, with its bohemian atmosphere and strong sense of community, is a haven for street art lovers. The area’s relaxed vibe is reflected in its street art, which ranges from whimsical to thought-provoking.

A highlight in Gràcia is a large-scale mural on Carrer de Verdi. This artwork, created by a prominent Barcelona street artist, showcases a blend of surreal and realistic elements.

The mural’s dreamlike quality captures the imaginative spirit of Gràcia, making it a memorable sight.

Street art in Gràcia. One of the best street art in Barcelona.
Source : Fred Romero (CC BY 2.0)

In Plaça de la Vila de Gràcia, you’ll find a series of smaller pieces that together create a vibrant tapestry of street art. These works, by various local artists, each bring their unique perspective, adding to the diverse and inclusive atmosphere of the neighborhood.

7. Street art in El Carmel

El Carmel, a neighborhood often overlooked by the typical tourist trail, is a real goldmine for street art in Barcelona. Tucked away in the hills, this area’s steep streets and panoramic views provide a unique backdrop for some truly imaginative works.

One of the most eye-catching pieces is located on Carrer de Mühlberg. Created by a locally famous artist, this mural uses vibrant colors and geometric shapes to portray a scene that reflects both the urban and natural aspects of El Carmel.

The way the mural blends into the surrounding landscape is truly a sight to see.

Then there’s this incredible piece on Carrer de Santuari, where an entire building’s façade has been transformed into a canvas. This work, by a well-known international street artist, tells a story of the neighborhood’s cultural diversity, featuring elements from various cultural motifs.

8. Street art in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat

Just outside the city center, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat is becoming a hotspot for street art. This area’s industrial past has given way to a vibrant art scene, with large warehouses and factory walls serving as canvases for some spectacular murals.

Street art in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat. One of the best street art in Barcelona.
Source : Amrantonio (CC BY-SA 4.0)

One must-visit spot is the area around Carrer de Tecla Sala. Here, you’ll find an impressive mural that stretches across several buildings.

The piece, a collaborative effort by several artists, showcases a mix of styles and themes, creating a dynamic and engaging visual experience.

Another highlight is a series of murals near the L’Hospitalet metro station. Each mural here is created by a different artist, giving a diverse range of perspectives and styles.

These pieces bring a burst of color and creativity to the urban landscape, making the area feel like an open-air gallery.

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9. Street art in Granollers

Granollers, a short train ride from Barcelona, is a charming town with a surprisingly rich street art scene. The town’s commitment to public art has attracted artists from all over the world, turning its streets into a canvas for creative expression.

One of the standout pieces in Granollers is located on Avinguda de Sant Esteve. This mural, by a famous Spanish street artist, blends elements of traditional Catalan culture with modern artistic techniques, creating a piece that is both culturally significant and visually striking.

Street art in Granollers. One of the best street art in Barcelona.
Source : Igal Malis (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

In the heart of the town, near Plaça de la Porxada, you’ll find a series of smaller, but no less impressive, pieces. These artworks, created during the town’s annual street art festival, showcase the talents of both local and international artists, each adding their unique touch to the town’s streetscape.

10. Street art in Sabadell

Sabadell, often overshadowed by its big neighbor Barcelona, has quietly become a canvas for some seriously cool street art. This city, with its mix of old and new, provides a unique setting for artists to express themselves.

The street art here isn’t just about beauty – it’s about making a statement and connecting with the community.

One of the most impressive pieces in Sabadell is located on Avenida Matadepera. This large mural, created by a renowned artist, combines elements of Sabadell’s industrial heritage with contemporary design, resulting in a visually striking piece that tells the story of the city’s transformation.

You should also check out the area near Plaça de l’Àngel, where you’ll find a collection of smaller, but equally impactful pieces. These works range from vibrant abstracts to thought-provoking social commentaries, each adding a unique layer to the city’s urban landscape.

Street art in Sabadell. One of the most famoust street art in Barcelona.
Source : cx33000 (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Who is the famous street artist from Barcelona?

When you think of Barcelona street artists, one name that definitely pops up is El Pez. El Pez, meaning “the fish” in Spanish, started painting in the late 1990s. He’s famous for his joyful, colorful fish characters that seem to smile at passersby from the walls of Barcelona.

That said, he’s not the only famous street artist in Barcelona. Here are the main ones whose work you should keep an eye out for:

1. El Pez

El Pez, meaning “The Fish” in Spanish, is one of Barcelona’s most iconic street artists. He’s celebrated for his cheerful, brightly colored fish characters that seem to bring a smile to the city’s walls.

What makes El Pez stand out is his consistent message of joy and positivity, conveyed through his playful, cartoonish style.

One of his most famous pieces is located in the El Raval neighborhood, where a large wall is adorned with his smiling fish, creating a vibrant burst of color in the urban landscape. His work can also be spotted in various locations across the city, each piece contributing to the cheerful atmosphere that defines his style.

2. Zosen

Zosen is another prominent figure in the Barcelona street art scene, known for his bold, graphic style and use of vibrant colors. His work often features socio-political themes, presented in a way that’s both engaging and thought-provoking.

Street art in Zosen. One of the best street art in Barcelona.

You can find one of Zosen’s notable murals in the Poblenou district, where a large-scale work reflects his characteristic bright colors and geometric patterns. This piece stands as a testament to his ability to transform a plain wall into a statement piece that captures the viewer’s attention.

3. Konair

Konair is a Barcelona-based artist famous for his iconic orange popsicle. This simple yet striking symbol has become a signature of Konair’s work, representing the playful and whimsical side of street art.

One of his most recognizable works can be found in the Gothic Quarter, where a wall features his orange popsicle, standing out against the historic backdrop of the neighborhood. This juxtaposition of the modern and the historic is a perfect representation of Barcelona’s diverse artistic landscape.

4. Btoy

Andrea Michaelsson, better known as Btoy, is a renowned street artist in Barcelona, distinguished for her stenciled portraits that often depict strong, influential women. Her work is a blend of realism and abstraction, creating powerful imagery that resonates with viewers.

One of her famous pieces is a portrait of a woman located in El Raval. This piece, with its intricate detailing and striking presence, showcases Btoy’s skill in stencil art and her ability to convey deep emotions through her work.

5. Axe Colours

Axe Colours, a duo of Barcelona-based artists, are known for their hyper-realistic portraits of famous figures from pop culture. Their work is characterized by its lifelike quality and attention to detail, making their murals stand out in the urban landscape.

Axe Colours. One of the most famous street art in Barcelona.

A notable piece by Axe Colours is a mural of Walter White from the TV show “Breaking Bad,” located in the Poblenou area. This mural has become a popular spot for both locals and tourists, exemplifying the influence of pop culture in contemporary street art.

6. El Xupet Negre

El Xupet Negre is considered one of the pioneers of Barcelona’s street art movement. The pacifier symbol, simple yet instantly recognizable, has become synonymous with his identity as an artist.

His work stands out for its minimalist approach, often using just the pacifier symbol against a stark background. This simplicity makes his work striking and memorable.

One of the most famous pieces by El Xupet Negre is located in the Poblenou district. Here, a large pacifier mural adorns the side of a building, its vivid colors and imposing size making it a standout piece in the area.

Another notable location to witness his work is in the Gràcia district, where smaller pacifiers are scattered throughout, almost like a treasure hunt for art enthusiasts. These smaller pieces create a sense of playfulness and intrigue as you explore the neighborhood.

7. Aryz

Aryz is a well-known figure in the global street art community, famous for his large-scale, colorful murals. Originally from Barcelona, Aryz’s work often features a mix of abstract and figurative elements, creating a distinctive style that’s easily recognizable.

The cock - mural by Aryz, well-known street art Spanish artist, remarkable piece of art created during annual Katowice Street Art Festival in 2011.. One of the most famous street art in Barcelona.

His murals usually depict surreal, often haunting figures and are known for their immense size and detailed execution.

One of his most impressive works in Barcelona is a large mural in the Sant Martí district, where he transformed the side of an entire building into a breathtaking piece of art. The sheer scale and intricate detailing of his work make it a must-see for any street art enthusiast visiting the city.

8. C215

Christian Guémy, better known as C215, is a French street artist whose work has graced the streets of Barcelona. He is renowned for his intricate stencil work, usually featuring close-up portraits of people, including local residents, famous figures, and even his own daughter. C215’s work is characterized by its vivid realism and emotional depth.

In Barcelona, you can find C215’s pieces in various neighborhoods, including the Gothic Quarter and El Raval. His portraits, often of marginalized individuals, are not just visually striking but also carry a strong social message, making his work both aesthetically appealing and thought-provoking.

9. Kenor

Kenor is another Barcelona-based artist known for his vibrant, geometric abstract pieces. His work is a fusion of street art and contemporary abstract painting, characterized by bright colors and dynamic shapes.

Streetart created by Kenor. One of the most famous street art in Barcelona.

Kenor’s murals often bring a sense of movement and energy to the urban environment, transforming dull spaces into lively, engaging canvases.

One of Kenor’s notable works can be found in the Poblenou district, where his abstract geometric patterns cover a large wall, adding a burst of color and vitality to the area.

10. Invader

While not from Barcelona, the French artist Invader has left a significant mark on the city. Known for his distinctive style inspired by the 8-bit video game graphics, particularly the iconic Space Invaders game, Invader installs mosaic tiles forming pixelated characters in cities around the world.

In Barcelona, Invader’s works can be spotted in various locations, often placed high on buildings, challenging viewers to spot them. Each piece is like a hidden gem, adding a playful and nostalgic element to the city’s streets.

Does Banksy have street art in Barcelona?

No, there’s no confirmed Banksy piece in Barcelona. While you might come across works that resemble his style, they’re likely done by other artists inspired by him. However, you can see his work in the Moco Museum in Barcelona.

Streetart of Banksy in moco museum. One of the most famous street art in Barcelona.

Banksy’s anonymity and his habit of popping up unexpectedly always leave room for rumors and wishful thinking. But until we get a confirmed sighting or an announcement from Banksy himself, you’ll have to enjoy the Banksy-esque works from local and visiting artists that dot the city.

Why is there so much graffiti in Barcelona?

The reason there’s so much graffiti in Barcelona is partly historical – the city has always had a strong countercultural and artistic movement, which found its expression on the streets. Graffiti became a way for artists and activists to claim space and make their voices heard.

The city’s architecture, with its wide public squares and narrow alleyways, provides a perfect canvas for graffiti artists. Moreover, Barcelona’s reputation as an artistic hub attracts street artists from all over the world, adding to the variety and quantity of graffiti in the city.

Barcelona’s approach to street art has been a mix of regulation and encouragement. Certain areas are designated for street art, which helps control where graffiti appears while still giving artists a space to showcase their work.

This balance between regulation and freedom is what makes Barcelona’s street art scene so vibrant and ever-changing.

What is the coolest street for street art in Barcelona?

If you’re looking for the coolest street in Barcelona where street art truly comes to life, head straight to Poblenou, particularly Carrer de Pallars and its adjacent streets. This once-industrial area has transformed into a canvas for some of the city’s most impressive murals.

Carrer de Pallars is one of many streets that has streetarts in Barcelona.
Source : Jordi Roy Gabarra (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Poblenou’s wide streets and old factory buildings provide the perfect backdrop for large-scale artworks, making it a street art lover’s paradise. And in and around Carrer de Pallars specifically, you can find a variety of styles and themes, from abstract and surreal to hyper-realistic murals.

The neighborhood’s transformation from an industrial hub to a trendy, artistic area is reflected in the art that adorns its walls. Walking through Poblenou is like strolling through an open-air gallery, with each turn offering a new visual surprise.

The annual Poblenou Urban District Open Day further enhances this experience, where you can witness live painting and explore the vibrant local art scene.

Is street art illegal in Spain?

In Spain, the legality of street art is a bit of a gray area. Generally, creating street art on public property without permission is considered illegal. However, the enforcement of these laws and the attitude towards street art can vary significantly from city to city.

In Barcelona, for example, there are designated areas where street art is permitted and even encouraged, like the walls in the Jardin de les Tres Xemeneies. However, unauthorized street art in other parts of the city might be subject to removal, and artists could potentially face fines.

That said, Barcelona is known for its vibrant street art scene, and the city often turns a blind eye to murals that enhance the urban landscape or are in less prominent locations.

It’s this balance between regulation and artistic freedom that has allowed the street art scene in Barcelona to flourish, making the city a hotspot for both local and international street artists.

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