20 Best Spas in Barcelona for Ultimate Relaxation (2024)

woman getting a relaxing massage at one of the most luxurious and best spas in Barcelona, Spain
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You’ve tasted the tapas, gotten lost in the Gothic Quarter, and now you’re wondering: where in Barcelona can I just kick back and pamper myself? Let’s not forget about those tired feet from all that exploring! 

Well, here’s something you may not know: Barcelona’s spa game is top-notch, with one of their massages being the perfect remedy for travel-worn souls. 

Having lived in Spain and been fortunate enough to have been to Barcelona more times than I can count, I’ve got the lowdown on the most relaxing, rejuvenating, and downright irresistible spa spots in the city. 

Planning a trip to Barcelona last minute?

If you’re booking your trip to Barcelona last minute, I’ve got you covered. Below are some of the top tours, hotels, and more!

⭐ Most popular sights in Barcelona

  1. Sagrada Familia – tickets often sell out weeks in advance so get your entry ticket here (or entry tickets AND a guided tour here)
  2. Park Güell – grab your skip-the-line entry
  3. Casa Batlló – click here for tickets and audio guide

🌍 Top tours in Barcelona

  1. Montserrat Tour, Monastery and Winery (great day trip!)
  2. Flamenco Show at Tablao Flamenco Cordobes (incredible night out)
  3. Tapas Walking Tour with Food, Wine, and History (all the highlights at once)

🛏️ Top hotels in Barcelona

  1. Ohla Barcelona (5-star luxury with an amazing rooftop pool)
  2. Seventy Barcelona (boutique hotel with beautiful décor)
  3. Àmfores Boutique Guest House (great budget option with superb location)

🚌 Want free public transport while you’re in Barcelona? Check out the Hola Barcelona travel card!

Best spas in Barcelona

1. AIRE Ancient Baths Barcelona

Aire de Barcelona is a luxurious blend of Arab hammam-style baths, oozing with historic vibes from the al-Andalus era. Feeling fancy or celebrating something special? This spa ticks all the right boxes for a romantic evening with your significant other. 

Located in the heart of El Born, you’re in a neighborhood that’s a mix of history, fashion, and top-notch eats. Aire de Barcelona actually used to be a meat storage area of El Born Market, and they stumbled upon ancient wells during the renovations. 

woman getting a relaxing massage at one of the most luxurious and best spas in Barcelona, Spain

It’s because of this that stepping into Aire feels like a trip back in time. The ambiance is a blend of stone vaults and oriental themes, letting you journey from room to room experiencing varying water temperatures.

And if you’re in for a little extra pampering, their treatments like hot stone massages are worth every penny – or why not have one of their wine baths while getting a head and scalp massage? 

2. Thai Massage Spa

Not everyone needs a spa that comes with all the watery bells and whistles, and that’s okay. Instead, if you’re just looking for a spa in Barcelona that offers one of the best massages you’ve ever had, you won’t want to miss out on Thai Massage Spa

Found smack dab in the middle of Passeig de Gracia (and a second spot in Pedralbes), you’re in for an incredibly relaxing experience. 

Their aim is simple: Transport you into a state of sheer relaxation and bliss using time-tested techniques. And variety is the spice of life, right? Choose from Thai, Bali, and Hawaiian massages and get those knots worked out.

Aromatherapy SPA set that will be used in the best spas in Barcelona.

Got a special someone in tow? They’ve also got a special room designed for couple massages. Plus, if you’re looking to round off your pampering session, their jacuzzi room invites you for a floral bath. 

With their focus solely on massage, you know you’re in expert hands here. Choose your preferred massage here and start counting down to relaxation.

3. Majestic Hotel and Spa

When a place is called “Majestic,” you kind of expect big things, right? Well, the Majestic Hotel and Spa doesn’t disappoint. 

Tucked within this 5-star hotel is a spa that oozes luxury at every corner – and really emphasizes why this hotel is one of the best Barcelona hotels for couples out there. Whether you’re looking for a body treatment, a relaxing massage, facials, or even the classic mani-pedi combo, they’ve got it all. 

And let’s be real, when you’re in a place this plush, why not try a little bit of everything? 

The Majestic Spa’s goal is straightforward: Offer luxury, relaxation, and rejuvenation, all under one roof. If you’re looking for an escape that screams opulence without being over-the-top, the Majestic Hotel and Spa has you sorted. 

4. ABaC Barcelona Spa

There’s something special about ABaC Hotel‘s secret spa. Hidden within the hotel, it boasts amenities like a jacuzzi with underwater sunbeds, a brisk cold pool, and a soothing hammam. 

They’ve got two treatment cabins, tatami, and heated sunbeds to ensure you get the ultimate relaxation experience. And their therapies aren’t just a routine – they are curated to vibe with your skin, body, and soul. 

Couple relaxing in Majestic Hotel and Spa. One of the best spas in Barcelona.

5. Mandarin Oriental Barcelona

The Mandarin Oriental in Barcelona isn’t just a place to lay your head – it’s an oasis of tranquility right in the heart of the city. With treatments that touch upon ancient Chinese traditional medicine, guests can immerse themselves in authentic experiences like Thai massages or even acupuncture. 

Located on the bustling Passeig de Gràcia, it’s a luxurious escape where you can enjoy a dip in their 12-meter lap pool or feel the soothing embrace of the Oriental steam room. The spa pulls out all the stops with eight treatment rooms, including a Pedi:Mani:Cure Studio by Bastien Gonzalez, and exclusive facial treatments using Linda Meredith products. 

And here’s a tip: If you’re thinking of spending an evening there, the adjacent Banker’s Bar is a quirky hangout, with its décor of old safes paying homage to the bank it once was.

6. Cowshed Relax

Step into the world of Cowshed Spa, a part of the trendy Soho House Barcelona, and experience the charm of a traditional Spanish pharmacy reimagined. Spanning four rooms with an indoor pool, it’s a place where nature meets luxury, focusing on treatments that utilize only the finest natural products. 

Whether you’re in the mood for a rejuvenating facial or a relaxing body massage, they’ve got you covered. And if you’re planning a special event, you’re in luck – the spa is open to the public and can be reserved for private gatherings. 

Plus, if you spend a bit at their place, they’ve got special offers like complimentary sleep candles to ensure your relaxation continues even after you’ve left.

The relaxing set up of Cowshed Relax is one of the best spas in Barcelona.

7. Silom Spa

If you’re into a dash of Thai inspiration while you’re chilling in Barcelona, Silom might be your spot. Located smack in the middle of the Eixample district, it’s just a stone’s throw away from Passeig de Gràcia.

All the therapists here have been certified by the Po Temple in Bangkok, so you’re getting legit Thai treatment. And the décor is all about those five elements: water, fire, earth, wood, and metal. It’s genuinely really cool.

But, hey, they don’t just stop at traditional Thai massages. They’ve got aromatic treatments that use essential oils all the way from places like Bali, Hawaii, and Indonesia. 

Ever heard of a bamboo therapy that starts with a flower foot bath? Yep, they’ve got that too. And for those looking for something more, they offer body wraps, scrubs, and some great packages for expecting moms. 

8. Metropolitan Sagrada Familia

Ever thought about working out and then just diving straight into some relaxation? Metropolitan Sagrada Familia‘s got you covered. 

Part of a larger chain that’s been taking over Spain, this particular branch near the iconic Sagrada Familia is massive – I’m talking 8,000 square meters of everything you can think of to get those muscles working and then properly relaxed. It’s almost like they’ve thought of everything…

Now, the fitness room is all modern and snazzy, but once you’re done breaking a sweat, there’s a hydromassage pool waiting. They’ve got a hammam, saunas (with TVs, because why not?), and even a solarium. 

Relaxing rooms for spa in Metropolitan Sagrada Familia. One of the best spas in Barcelona.

If that wasn’t enough, you can get individual treatments like massages, peelings, pedicures, and more. The place might be big, but it doesn’t feel crowded – there’s enough space for everyone to have a little privacy. 

Oh, and if you’re just visiting Barcelona, you can get a day pass to see what all the fuss is about.

Happy woman walking down street in Spain

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9. Rituels d’Orient

Now here’s something a bit different for those looking to mix things up. Rituels d’Orient brings a slice of the hammam experience to Barcelona, and they’re pretty darn good at it. 

Whether you’re going solo or with a partner, they’ve got packages designed to make sure you feel absolutely amazing. Soak in the baths, get a body scrub, or just treat your face to something special.

The space is more than just a place to get treatments – it’s an experience in itself. The inspiration is traditional Eastern baths from places like Morocco and Turkey. 

They’ve got a Hammam and other rituals that you can indulge in. And when you’re done, just sit back in their relaxation room with some mint tea and an Arabian pastry. Pure bliss. 

(And if you’ve got a weekend away from the kids and want to continue that vibe for the rest of your trip, you’ve got some of Barcelona’s best adults only hotels nearby, like The Mirror…just saying!)

10. Sir Victor

If you’re staying at the Sir Victor Hotel or even just around, their modern spa might be the place you want to check out. It’s tailored to whisk you away to your personal zen zone.

And who doesn’t want a little pick-me-up during vacation? Whether it’s Shiatsu, diverse massages, or unique baths, they’ve got you covered. 

Oh, and if you’re itching for a fresh new look, you won’t be disappointed with their top-rated hairdresser on-site. It’s like killing two birds with one stone: relaxation and reinvention!

Modern and relaxing spas of Sir Victor. One of the best spas in Barcelona.

11. Ambrosia Spa

Alright, for those who’ve strolled down the elegant Passeig de Gràcia, you might’ve missed a spot – the Ambrosia Spa. This spot is all about luxury and the newest wellness trends. 

You’re not just getting any treatments here – they’re all about organic products for their beauty and well-being procedures. And their massages are just as good as they claim to be.

Location-wise, it’s in the heart of Barcelona with a cool crystal entrance and once you’re in, it’s all about the tailored experience. If you need to recharge after city exploration, this might be your safe haven.

12. 1850 Urban Spa Barcelona

Okay, let’s talk variety, because the 1850 Urban Spa Barcelona is basically the smorgasbord of massage options. Thinking of some couple goals activities? They’ve got love experiences with up to 2 hours of treatments in your private massage cabin. 

And if massages aren’t your only thing, they’ve got scrubs, hot stones, and their signature urban spa massages. The ambiance might be a bit cozier compared to others, but hey, they’ve got a Jacuzzi, a hydro-massage shower, a dry sauna, and a steam sauna. 

Urban design of the rooms for spa in 1850 Urban Spa Barcelona. One of the best spas in Barcelona.

Plus, if you’re looking to make it extra special with your partner, their ‘Romantic spa’ package has you booking the entire spa area exclusively for an hour. And they even throw in a bottle of cava and a fruit tray – talk about setting the mood!

13. Bali Spirit Spa Lounge

If you’re into unique vibes, Bali Spirit Spa might just be your kind of place. They’ve even been awarded the Best Spa in the World for innovation at one point! 

And honestly, being the only traditional Balinese Spa in Spain is no small feat. In fact, the owner is actually from Bali and she personally handpicks and trains her therapists in her unique way.

Their paradise-like temple is a blend of ancient Balinese tradition, art, and senses. Fortunately, their central Eixample location is a cinch to get to, especially if you’re around Passeig de Gracia. 

The whole setup is a mix of relaxation and elegance, with an incredibly long list of massages and treatments. From offerings for couples to specialized treatments for men, pregnant ladies, and even VIP rooms, they’ve pretty much thought of everything.

14. Mayan Spa at El Palace Hotel

Alright, luxury seekers, here’s a little something for you – the Mayan Spa located in the lavish El Palace Hotel. And if you’re a fan of Gaudí’s iconic Casa Batlló, it’s just next door, so maybe sneak in a little culture trip before you relax? 

This spa is ranked thirteenth as the Best Signature Spa in Luxury Hotels not just in Spain, but in Europe and Worldwide. And you can see why when you look at the sheer variety of rituals and treatments. 

Mayan Spa at El Palace Hotel is one of the best spas in Barcelona.

Want to indulge in treatments like chocolate extasis or wine therapy? Yep, they’re as luxurious as they sound. 

The Mayan-inspired spa treatments, combined with high-end products from Anne Semonin, make the experience even richer. Personally, I’d recommend that you check out the Temazcal Sauna – it’s a traditional Mayan steaming method using volcanic stones. You know, as you do.

15. Spazio Wellness

Let’s shift gears a bit. If you’re after something more budget-friendly but without compromising on quality, Spazio Wellness is where it’s at. Sure, it’s in the basement of Hotel Diagonal Zero, but they’ve got plenty of natural light and some neat patio views. 

They’ve got massages, and if you’re traveling with your partner, there are couple options too. Plus, location-wise, it’s bang opposite Barcelona’s International Convention Centre and Forum Auditorium.

Added perks? The spa has facilities like a Turkish bath and Finnish sauna. And if you’re staying for three nights or more in February, they’ll even throw in a day’s free spa access!

16. 43 The Spa

If you’re on the hunt for luxury combined with a view, 43 The Spa in the Hotel Arts Barcelona won’t disappoint. Situated on the 42nd and 43rd floors of the hotel, this spa promises a unique cityscape while you bask in relaxation. 

They’ve got the sauna, color therapy, and a wide array of pools, fountains, and steam baths ready to sweep your worries away. Plus, the interior design, dominated by light shades, creates a serene environment, enhanced by eight private treatment cabins, a hammam, and an invigorating tub. 

The naturalistic ambience of 43 The Spa. One of the best spas in Barcelona.

But here’s the kicker: you get to enjoy panoramic views of either the Mediterranean or the city skyline during your session. And if that wasn’t enough, they even offer a chocolate-based massage!

The spa has partnered with Natura Bissé, a luxe Spanish brand, ensuring top-notch treatments. From this height, it’s safe to say you’re practically getting a spa treatment in the clouds!

17. Hotel Miramar Spa by L’Occitane

At the heart of the 5-star Gran Hotel La Florida, the Spa by L’Occitane is all about providing an escape. With a vast selection of essential oils, they’re committed to teleporting you straight to Provence. 

Whether you’re flying solo or with a partner, there’s a wide range of treatments and services up for grabs. In fact, the spa’s aim is to elevate your senses, and they do this with their welcoming rituals, sensory textures, relaxing music, and soothing infusions.

From aromacology massages and intense muscle relief massages to sweet almond scrubs, they’ve got your relaxation covered. But what truly sets this spa apart is its indoor pool with an attached waterfall, illuminated by natural light streaming in through a massive window.

Perched high up on Montjuïc Mountain, the Miramar Barcelona offers a picturesque backdrop, with gardens overlooking the Mediterranean. This means that for those who wish to continue the relaxation outdoors, the Miramar boasts two swimming pools where you can cool off and admire Barcelona’s beauty.

18. SPA Intercontinental Barcelona

Located just a short walk from the Montjuic fountains, the SPA Intercontinental Barcelona promises a retreat for those who appreciate the finer things. Their facility screams luxury, and they’ve got an array of beauty treatments inspired by techniques from India and other Asian countries.

The spa ensures you have multiple options to pick from. You’ve got the hammam, a choice between two saunas – wet and dry, and a bubble pool equipped with varying-intensity waterfalls.

Relaxed woman receiving a Spa treatment in SPA Intercontinental Barcelona. One of the best spas in Barcelona.

And for the adventure-seekers, there’s the option to drench yourself with a bucket of cold water. A bold move, but hey, it’s supposed to be good for you, right?

Whether you’re looking to get pampered with beauty treatments or just escape the city’s hustle and bustle, they’ve got you covered.

19. YHI Wellness Spa

Located within the Hotel Meliá in the Sarrià district, the YHI Wellness Spa exudes a kind of peace you won’t find just anywhere. Plus, with techniques honed over centuries, they’re not just messing around here.

Take your pick between a soothing Turkish bath or a fragrant aromatic massage. This is the sort of place where you can simply let go and let the professionals whisk you away to a land of calm and tranquility.

For those of you looking for a break from the city hustle, YHI Wellness Spa provides that upscale refuge. The harmonious blend of traditional Oriental treatments and modern luxury makes this spa an ideal escape, even if just for a few hours.

20. Chi Spa

Over in the posh Pedralbes district, right at the end of Diagonal Avenue, lies the Chi Spa – a part of the swanky David Lloyd Turo Club. If you’re looking to luxuriate in a jacuzzi pool, they’ve got you. 

But honestly, where they really shine is their broad range of treatments. Want to find that perfect balance? Maybe give their Chilax and Massage Chi services a go.

Ever heard of the Salt Glow scrub? It’s here, and it’s waiting to give your skin that fresh and soft feeling you’ve been after. And if you’ve been battling cellulite, they’ve got some pretty high-tech solutions, from acoustic waves to radiofrequency. 

In addition, they can tailor services for special moments – think pregnancy, bridal packages, and even treatments specifically for the gents. Rounding it all up, Chi Spa also boasts a hair salon where you can spruce up your locks, get those nails done, and even have a makeup session with top-notch cosmetics. 

Basically, if you’re looking for the entire self-care package and you’re in the ritzy end of town, this spa definitely has you covered.

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