5 Best Barcelona Jewish Quarter Walking Tours (2024)

streets from the best Barcelona Jewish Quarter walking tours in Spain
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Tucked away in the Gothic Quarter, Barcelona’s Jewish Quarter, El Call, is more than just a collection of streets – it’s a whispering gallery of history.

Living in Spain has given me countless opportunities to wander through Barcelona, and each visit to El Call is like peeling back the pages of a fascinating history book.

This is why doing a walking tour of the Barcelona’s Jewish Quarter is a great idea to see how past and present merge seamlessly in its narrow alleys. With my picks for the best options for these tours, you’ll unravel the intricate tapestry of a community that has sculpted Barcelona’s identity to help make the city what it is today.

Best Jewish walking tours in Barcelona

1. Jewish Quarter Walking Tour

synagogue one of the places to visit during the Barcelona Jewish Quarter walking tour.

RATING: 4.8 out of 5 based on 150+ reviews 

TOUR LENGTH: 2 hours 

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If you’re keen to immerse yourself in Barcelona’s rich Jewish heritage, you can’t miss the Jewish Quarter Walking Tour. This two-hour tour delves deep into the city’s Jewish roots. 

You’ll discover the oldest synagogue in Spain, visit the site of a medieval Mikveh, and learn about the rise and tragic fall of the Jewish community in Spain. The tour is peppered with anecdotes and stories that make the history of Barcelona come alive.

Moreover, walking through the narrow alleys of the Gothic Quarter, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time. This Barcelona city tour does a great job of highlighting how crucial the Jewish people were to the development of the Catalan capital. 

This journey isn’t just about landmarks, but also about understanding the fascinating tapestry of history that makes Barcelona the city it is today.

2. Walking History Tour of Barcelona’s Jewish Quarter

one of the places to visit at a Barcelona Jewish Quarter walking tour.

RATING: 5 out of 5 based on 160+ reviews 

TOUR LENGTH: 2 hours 

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For those seeking a private and intimate experience of Barcelona’s Jewish history, the Walking History Tour of Barcelona’s Jewish Quarter is an excellent choice. 

This tour showcases unique architectural marvels and some of Barcelona’s hidden gems in one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods, not to mention it also includes a visit to the recently rediscovered medieval Mikveh.

The guide will acquaint you with significant local figures like the 13th-century Rabbi Shlomo ben Aderet, further enriching your understanding of this ancient community.

3. Jewish Quarter of Barcelona Private Tour with Hotel Pick-up

 people joining Barcelona Jewish Quarter walking tour

RATING: 4 out of 5 based on 30 reviews 

TOUR LENGTH: 1.5 hours 

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Looking for convenience and comfort on your history expedition? Opt for the Jewish Quarter of Barcelona Private Tour with Hotel Pick-up

Offering hotel pick-up and a flexible schedule, including whether you’re looking to do this during the day or as an evening tour of Barcelona, this tour of the city’s rich Jewish history will take you to important sites such as Call Mayor and Call Menor, the Ancient Roman Wall, and La Plaza del Rey. 

Notably, this tour also provides an inside peek into the Ancient Synagogue, taking your Barcelona experience to the next level.

4. Barcelona Dreaming Walking History Tour Jewish Quarter and Old Town

old street that is included in the Barcelona Jewish Quarter walking tour.

RATING: 5 out of 5

TOUR LENGTH: 4 hours 

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Ready for a leisurely day exploring Barcelona’s past and present? The Barcelona Dreaming Walking History Tour Jewish Quarter and Old Town is a fantastic option. 

This four-hour journey combines history with the city’s vibrant food culture. It begins at Placa Sant Jaume, right next to Barcelona’s city hall, leading you to Spain’s oldest Synagogue, the unique Mikveh, and the ruins of the Jewish Alchemist’s House.

What’s more? You also get to explore the lively La Rambla boulevard and the colorful Food Market! It’s the perfect tour for foodies and history enthusiasts alike.

5. The Gothic Tour of Jewish Life in Barcelona

Looking for a tour that explores both past and present Jewish life in Barcelona? Then The Gothic Tour is your top ticket! Not only does this two-hour tour invite you to discover the captivating tale of Catalan Jews, but it also allows you to walk through the ancient Jewish neighborhood, El Call.

Here, you’ll unravel the history of local traditions, social relationships, and the lives of significant figures like the poet Moshe Natan, merchant Massot Avengena, and Rabbi Solomon Adret. On this enchanting walk through the Gothic Quarter, you’ll also gain exclusive access to Casa Adret, a stunning architectural relic that bears witness to Medieval Jewish life in the city.

But wait, there’s more! After exploring, you’re welcomed to enjoy a refreshing drink – whether it be cold water, a cup of tea, or a glass of local vermouth – on the rooftop of Casa Adret, taking in the breathtaking views of the Gothic Quarter. It’s the perfect way to conclude your insightful journey through Jewish Barcelona!

What is the old Jewish town near Barcelona?

The old Jewish town near Barcelona is actually right within the city itself, located in its bustling heart. Known as “El Call,” it’s Barcelona’s historic Jewish quarter, a hidden gem with centuries of history etched into its narrow lanes and timeworn buildings.

Originally established in the 12th century, El Call was home to one of the most significant Jewish communities in Medieval Europe. Its name derives from the Hebrew word ‘Kahal,’ meaning ‘community’ or ‘assembly.’ In Catalan, it is simply referred to as ‘Call,’ signifying ‘street’ or ‘passage.’

This neighborhood is an absolute wonder for history and architecture buffs. It’s a maze of winding, narrow streets filled with a fascinating blend of Gothic and Medieval buildings. 

Walking through El Call, you’ll stumble upon architectural marvels like the Ancient Synagogue of Barcelona, believed to be one of the oldest in Europe, and the ‘Mikveh’ medieval-era ceremonial bath. Time in El Call feels like a whisper from the past, a truly immersive experience in Barcelona’s rich Jewish heritage.

What is the name of the Jewish Quarter Barcelona?

The Jewish Quarter in Barcelona is known as “El Call”. It’s a name that’s both straightforward and steeped in rich historical significance, reflecting the area’s deep Jewish roots. For example, in the Middle Ages, El Call was the epicenter of Jewish life in Barcelona.

At the time, the area was bustling with scholars, merchants, and artisans. A walk through El Call today feels like stepping back in time, with its narrow winding streets, ancient stone buildings, and remnants of a vibrant Jewish community that once thrived here.

The quarter is home to notable sites such as the Sinagoga Mayor, one of the oldest synagogues in Europe, and, as mentioned, the ‘Mikveh’. In El Call, every corner holds a piece of the past, whispering tales of a time long gone yet preserved in the heart of Barcelona. 

For anyone interested in history and especially for anyone part of or with links to the Jewish community, don’t forget to add El Call to your Barcelona itinerary. It’s truly a historic treasure trove that’s not always on every tourist’s Barcelona itinerary.

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