20 Best Beach Clubs in Barcelona (2024)

women relaxing at one of the best beach clubs in Barcelona, Spain
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Barcelona’s beach clubs are where sunbathing meets style and socializing. They’re not just places to lay your towel – they offer a whole experience, from chic lounging to vibrant parties by the sea.

I live in Spain and have been lucky enough to have spent plenty of time checking out Barcelona’s beach club scene, finding some real gems along the coast.

So, which beach clubs in Barcelona are the best of the best? I’m here to take you through everything from the most luxurious spots with incredible views to the liveliest clubs where the party never seems to stop.

Let’s find out where you can enjoy the ultimate beach club experience in Barcelona, combining relaxation, entertainment, and some serious sun-soaking.

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women relaxing at one of the best beach clubs in Barcelona, Spain

Best beach clubs in Barcelona

1. Shôko 

Picture a restaurant where you can relish delicious Asian cuisine by the day, that then morphs into one of the liveliest nightspots as the sun goes down. That’s Shôko for you! 

Decked out with fun theme parties and local DJs spinning up a storm, this beach club is the go-to place for a fun-filled night in Barcelona.

Shôko is one of the best beach club in Barcelona.

During the day, Shôko operates as a seriously good beach club and restaurant, offering an impressive variety of dishes to kickstart your day. As night falls, it transforms into an exclusive seaside club with daily performances from international artists.

The cherry on top? Shôko has been recognized as one of the top 100 clubs worldwide for several years in a row. So, if you’re a night owl looking for an unforgettable experience, don’t miss out on this beach club!

2. Carpe Diem

Up next, we have Carpe Diem Lounge Club, affectionately known as Carpe Diem, a crowd favorite located in the Olympic Port. CDLC, as it’s also known, has a relaxed vibe and a patio boasting incredible views across the ocean and one of the best beaches in Barcelona – the perfect setup to Carpe that Diem!

This beach club is a culinary delight offering Mediterranean and Asian-inspired dishes and an eclectic range of cocktails. It’s one of the most sophisticated beach clubs in Barcelona, offering a wonderful mix of delicious food, exotic cocktails, and an unbeatable beachfront location.

When the clock strikes twelve, Carpe Diem transforms into a pulsating nightclub, with music ranging from deep house to reggaeton. 

Want a taste of the VIP life? Pre-book a table or series of lounge beds at CDLC and enjoy their premium service!

3. Bestial

Bestial, another gem on San Sebastian beach in Barcelona, is known for its laid-back atmosphere and picturesque decor. 

The Mediterranean and Italian food here has garnered widespread acclaim, with the paella being a local favorite. Located beneath the famous Frank O. Gehry sculpture, Bestial offers a beautiful backdrop for your meal. 

If you’re a fan of the night scene, swing by on a weekend. The DJs spin records until the early morning, making it the perfect place for some late-night fun.

Bestial is the epitome of an ideal beach club, boasting a fine artistic selection, superior sound quality, and a prime location. A visit to Barcelona would be incomplete without a day – or a night – at Bestial.

4. Opium

Up for an exclusive night out? Opium is your spot. Located on the promenade in Barceloneta, this fancy club draws in crowds with its glitzy decor, international DJs, and seaside restaurant serving mouthwatering Mediterranean cuisines.

To make the most of your evening at Opium, start with a dinner in their restaurant before it turns into a high-energy nightclub at midnight. Trust me, this way you get to enjoy the best of both worlds and avoid the queue.

For a hassle-free experience, you can book a Club Opium VIP Party Tour, which includes free drinks and skip-the-line access to four different venues. 

These group of tourist enjoying the beach while drinking beer in Opium. One of the best beach clubs in Barcelona.

5. Wet Deck, W Hotel Barcelona

Wet Deck at the W Hotel Barcelona is easily one of the best beach clubs in Barcelona. This pool and terrace host exclusive Sunday night pool parties throughout the hot summer Barcelona months, featuring world-class DJs like Duke Dumont and Aphex Twin.

These popular pool parties are a hit, so make sure to book your VIP table in advance – and remember, the dress code is smart. The stunning scenery from the plush terrace coupled with the skillfully crafted drinks is an experience that will leave you in awe.

Hotel W’s beach club offers all-day relaxation with a stunning view of the Mediterranean Sea, tapas, cocktails, and a live DJ. For the ultimate relaxation experience, book a cabana next to their infinity pool and get ready to soak up the sun at Wet Deck!

6. Pacha Barcelona Beach Club

Renowned for its energetic, Ibiza-style party atmosphere, Pacha Barcelona Beach Club offers the perfect blend of luxury, entertainment, and mouthwatering Mediterranean cuisine. With its ultra-modern, white décor splashed with iconic red accents that align with the Pacha branding, the club promises an experience like no other.

This beach club features a breathtaking terrace overlooking the sea, where guests can unwind and escape the bustling beach of Barceloneta. Visitors can savor the club’s delectable food offerings throughout the day, or simply lounge with a refreshing cocktail in hand.

When the sun sets, Pacha transforms into a vibrant club pulsating with eclectic music styles for every day of the week. Housing the best DJs and artists worldwide, Pacha also hosts special events to keep the party atmosphere alive.

Beyond its vibrant nightlife, Pacha’s high-quality restaurant serves the freshest Mediterranean dishes, infused with oriental flavors. Whether you crave breakfast, lunch, or just a cocktail by the sea, Pacha’s restaurant is open throughout the day to cater to your foodie desires.

7. Go! Beach Club

Boasting four floors sprawling over 3700m², each designed for different experiences, Go! Beach Club stands as an ideal venue for various parties and corporate events. This multifaceted venue features incredible views and a well-planned layout to make every event memorable.

Guests at Go! Beach Club can start their day relaxing by the pool, lounging on the hammocks, or soaking up the sun on the Balinese beds or sofas. As the afternoon sets in, the club’s restaurant serves incredible meals to delight your palate. 

These couple is relaxing in the pool while having drinks in Go! Beach Club. One of the best beach club in Barcelona.

The nights at Go! Beach Club come alive with incredible parties and music spun by the best DJs in Barcelona.

Built with Mediterranean islands’ simplicity in mind, the club’s architecture incorporates shades of white, ecru, and blue to accentuate its organic character. Its prime beachfront location and stunning views make it a sought-after venue all year round.

This famous beach club opens from early April until early autumn and offers its guests an exclusive service with attention to detail, the best views, live music, and a unique indoor nightclub.

8. Puro Beach

Housed in the spectacular Hilton Diagonal Mar in Barcelona, Purobeach has been recognized as one of the best beach clubs globally by Conde Nast Traveler. Known for its excellent service, delectable cocktails, outdoor seating, and inviting atmosphere, Purobeach is a favorite among beach club enthusiasts.

Guests can access the beautiful pool, relax with spa treatments, groove to the music by resident DJs, and relish the unique M3 kitchen concept influenced by Miami, Marrakech, and Melbourne. The club’s terrace bar and restaurant offer an eclectic mix of international dishes and tropical drinks.

Notably, Purobeach’s bar offers a wide range of cocktails, liqueurs, wines, spirits, and champagnes. To further enhance your relaxation, you can book a massage at Puro beach club and let the Mediterranean’s cool air refresh you.

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9. Salt Restaurant & Beach Club

At the foot of the W Hotel you’ll find Salt Restaurant & Beach Club offering an enchanting beachside experience. Here, you can indulge in your daydreams while savoring gourmet burgers, colorful cocktails, and tantalizing smoothies.

Apart from its seriously good food and drink offerings, Salt Beach Club is celebrated for its breathtaking views of the Barcelona coastline. The club offers a mesmerizing setting to watch the sunset, making it an irresistible destination for both locals and tourists.

While waiting for the sunset, guests can relish their dinner from a menu that boasts salads, burgers, and cocktails inspired by Californian recipes. 

Among the must-tries is the ‘mizuna,’ a dish comprising Japanese mustard greens with marinated red prawns, fennel, grilled carrots, Jerusalem artichokes, hazelnuts, and grilled tomato vinaigrette.

10. Donzella Beach Club

Located in La Donzella de la Costa Badalona, Donzella Beach Club offers a fantastic tapas-style supper at a highly affordable price. This charming beach club specializes in delectable palleas for lunch and serves a wide range of tapas dishes for dinner.

Guests can indulge in the fisherman’s choice fish of the day, squid Andalusian style, and ‘ous Estrellas eggs. They can pair these dishes with their preferred drink for a satisfying meal.

With its inviting ambiance and a menu that promises to satiate your taste buds, Donzella Beach Club is a must-visit when you’re in Barcelona. It offers the ideal setting to unwind and enjoy the essence of the Mediterranean.

These group of tourist enjoying beach while drinking in the Donzella Beach Club. One of the best beach club in Barcelona.

11. La Daurada Beach Club

One of the most stunning locations in the region is La Daurada, a beach club that provides an extensive leisure complex right on the water. This locale offers several spaces for relaxation and enjoyment, all wrapped in an environment filled with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. 

La Daurada is home to two restaurants, a bar, and a discotheque, ensuring that no matter what mood you’re in, there’s something to satiate your needs.

In fact, La Daurada’s food and cultural offerings are some of the most expansive on the Catalan coast, with its highly sophisticated and local cuisine masterfully created by the celebrated chef Javier Pradanas. The venue’s diversity is also evident in its design, featuring The Events Room, The Terrace, and two restaurant options, La Dorada and La Marabanda, each offering unique experiences and views.

If you’re in the mood for some nightlife, the club has a disco and the Tintorera, an ideal spot to enjoy a drink while basking in the sea breeze. At just an hour’s journey from Barcelona via the R2S train, La Daurada is an ideal day trip from Barcelona, offering a captivating coastal retreat waiting to be explored.

12. Nómada Beach Club

Tucked away next to the tranquil Far de Sant Cristòfol beach, Nómada Beach Club is a sanctuary for those looking for a serene getaway. With its laid-back ambience, refreshing mojitos, and wellness-focused activities, this beach club aims to create unforgettable experiences for those looking to escape the mundane.

Nómada stands out for its incredible location and comprehensive offerings. It provides activities that last the whole day, from sipping on a detox juice in the morning to indulging in midday vermouth and mouth watering dishes like their bravas or fresh sea bass. 

It’s not only food and drink though, as wellness is catered to with yoga classes, massages, and healthy options like açaí bowls.

This bohemian beach club is committed to fair trade and environmental preservation. This commitment is demonstrated in their use of reusable cups and beach cleanup initiatives. 

You won’t be short on entertainment either, with monologues and music, live and DJ-led, featuring rhythms from Cuba and Africa. For a longer stay, you can check into their camping bungalow, El Garrofer, with accommodation options including safari tents, wooden lofts, and teepees.

13. Jefferson Beach Club

Jefferson Beach Club is an attractive choice for those seeking tasty food, excellent drinks, and an outdoor seating area right on the beach. With a variety of drink options, primarily featuring beers, mojitos, and sangria, you can sit back and recharge after a long day of exploring Barcelona.

These group of friends enjoying their drinks in the Jefferson Beach Club. One of the best beach club in Barcelona.

Service at Jefferson Beach Club is top-notch, earning it rave reviews from customers and critics alike. Easily accessible via public transportation, this beach club is an ideal spot for anyone looking to visit Sant Sebastià Beach. 

Feast on delicious Mediterranean and Spanish dishes as you relax on the terrace, soaking up the sun and breathtaking views of the city and the sea. As a bonus, rumor has it that Jefferson serves up some of the city’s best mojitos and sangria…

14. Bambú Beach Bar

Bambú Beach Bar is a local gem offering delicious food and a varied drinks menu at affordable prices in a warm and pleasant setting. The culinary selection mainly features Mediterranean delights, designed to cater to all taste buds, whether you’re craving nachos, burgers, or tapas.

Located next to the popular Garcia Fària linear park, Bambú Beach Bar is easy to find and is a prime spot to escape the busy tourist hubs and unwind in a tropical setting. 

Whether you fancy a burger, tapas, or a tropical drink served in a Tiki cup while enjoying live or handpicked music, this beach bar has it all.

15. The Coconut Club

The Coconut Club is a crowd-pleaser with its Caribbean flair, tasty food, and delicious drinks in a cozy setting. The menu is highly original, specializing in sandwiches, laing, and nachos, with a great selection of ice creams for those with a sweet tooth.

Drinks at The Coconut Club feature a wide variety, with the emphasis on sangria, mojitos, and other typical Caribbean beverages. The club is well laid out with tall modern tables and a spacious beachside terrace to savor the scrumptious dishes on offer. 

Inside, the club offers an ambient setting with just the right music to dance the night away.

The Coconut Beach Club is an ideal place to unwind. With a variety of tasty Caribbean cocktails and dishes and ice cream for those with a sweet tooth, you’re bound to find something you love. 

The club’s ambience transports you directly to the islands, sans the ubiquitous coconut palms, of course.

16. Vai Moana

Known for its calming ambience and friendly service, Vai Moana is a unique beach bar that offers an extensive range of drinks and delightful small bites. With its beachfront locale, it creates an authentically immersive beach experience for its visitors.

Drinks like cocktails, smoothies and fruit juices are readily available, with frozen margaritas and daiquiris being the crowd’s favorites, especially during the summer. If you’re feeling a bit peckish, their epic sandwiches are also a great option. 

Situated in El Poblenou, Vai Moana boasts a decor inspired by Easter Island, creating an ambiance that immerses you into a serene, oceanic bliss. Its child-friendly menu options also make it a perfect destination for families looking for a seaside experience.

Vai Moana is a unique beach bar that offers an extensive range of drinks and delightful small bites and this is one of the best beach club in Barcelona.

17. Xiringuito Escribà

Nestled on the beachfront, Xiringuito Escribà is a combination of a restaurant and a bar that is popular for its night-time charm and impressive array of dishes and drinks. 

Despite it having the label of being one of Barcelona’s chiringuitos, it’s more of a conventional establishment that embodies a relaxed beach vibe, thanks to its close proximity to the shore.

Seats are mainly outdoors with a protective canopy for unpredictable weather. And it’s worth noting that, here, they’re known for serving one of the best paellas in the city, just in cash you’re feeling peckish after all that sun. 

18. Mokai Beach Beach Bar

Situated on Nova Icaria Beach, Mokai Beach is a chiringuito that guarantees beach, port, and fun with an array of delightful cocktails and international dishes. At night, the atmosphere transforms into a tranquil scene with the relaxing sound of waves creating a serene backdrop.

Whether you’re with friends or family, Mokai offers a varied menu that caters to all, with service that is lauded in reviews. Its evening ambiance, with sun beds set up with fresh towels and candles, provides a perfect spot for a late-night drink amidst the sea’s gentle whispering.

19. Empire Barcelona

Renowned for its glamorous and laid-back ambiance, Empire Barcelona features elegant sofas and a chill-out environment perfect for an enjoyable night with your partner or friends. With a focus on high-quality hookahs and a diverse cocktail range, Empire has carved a niche for itself in Barcelona’s beach club scene.

Empire is committed to the science of mixology, consistently exploring new flavors to enhance their customers’ experiences. Its movie-like decor and a comfortable setting make it an ideal spot for both friendly gatherings and romantic dates.

These couple is enjoying the scenery in the beach while drinking cocktails in the Empire Barcelona. One of the best beach club in Barcelona.

20. Pez Vela Chiringuito

Pez Vela, or “the sailing ship,” is a charming beach club located right beneath the iconic W Hotel. With its novel snack bar approach, it serves a variety of cuisines including Local, Seafood, Mediterranean, European, Spanish, and Catalan.

Visitors flock to Pez Vela not only for its impressive oceanic and city views but also for its delightful seafood dining experience on the restaurant’s breezy outdoor patio. Its seafood paellas, salads, and charcoal-grilled steaks are must-try dishes that promise to tick every foodie box.


  1. Do you have any recommendations of a beach in Barcelona where we can rent beach chairs and an umbrella? We will be visitors from abroad and need shade. Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Isabel – you can definitely rent beach chairs and umbrellas at Barceloneta Beach, Bogatell Beach, and San Sebastià Beach. Expect to pay at least €15 each one, if not more (I found one website, for example, that mentioned it cost €30 at Bogatell Beach last summer for a lounger and umbrella for one person, €45 for two people, and €15 if you just want an umbrella), and you’ll often need cash.

      When double checking this just now, I also found this store that lets you rent your own chairs and umbrellas a couple of blocks from Barceloneta. I haven’t tried them but it could be a good alternative to save some euros!

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